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“Stop glaring, sit down, and eat. We’ve all had a hell of a day today, so let's enjoy the time together.”

Lieutenant starts choking on his food.

“Are you okay, Lieutenant?” I ask.

“Yep,” he scuffs between coughs, then drinks some water.

Connor sits beside me, and we all enjoy the meal and conversation. I look around the table, and everyone seems very happy for the both of us. I see no animosity in anyone, and that makes my heart sing.

We finish out the rest of our shift with minimal drama. Truck had to go rescue a cat from a tree, and we got called out for an accident, but nothing major. When Connor and I got back to the house, we made love to each other for hours before finally succumbing to sleep.

* * *

Connor leftto go to his place and grab more clothes to store over here, then run by the fire department to sign some paperwork for the fire inspector, Charley.

I’m currently in the process of putting dinner together when there is a knock at the door, anticipating Alisa and Matt, I call out, “Come in, Alisa. I am just putting the lasagna you requested in the oven.”

“Isn’t that sweet of you, are you planning to take her man too?” a voice that is not Alisa says.

I turn around quickly and see a gun pointed directly at me.

“Sharon? What are you doing?”

“You are trying to take my man, like you took Carly’s. I warned you to leave, I told you to stay away from him, I told you he was mine, but you wouldn’t listen.”

“The notes, they were from you?” I ask, speechless.

“Do you know Tyson only wants to talk about you every time he comes home? It’s always Sam this, Sam did that, Sam said this, I’m so sick of hearing about you.”

I shake my head at her, “We are just friends,” I whisper.

“Yeah, friends. That’s what Tyson keeps saying too, every time he spews your name,” she says, her words holding venom in them as she shakes her head. “Sit down in the chair.”

I walk over to the dining room chair and do as she tells me. “Sharon, you do know Ty loves you, right? He talks about you everyday at work, you are all he talks about,” I tell her in a whisper.

I watch her waiver a little at my words, before she pulls out duct tape from the inside of her jacket. “This time, you won’t be able to take anyone else’s man from them.”

Before I can say anything, she hits me in the head with the butt of the gun, causing everything to become fuzzy, but I don’t lose consciousness.

I watch her duct tape my hands and legs to the chair. I try to talk to her, but I can’t seem to form coherent sentences.

She walks into the kitchen, turning my oven up all the way, then I watch her put a pot filled with cooking oil on the stove and turn the burner on high.

“Now, you won’t be able to walk away from this. You will become a memory, and Carly and I will get to keep our men.”

“Sharon, please don’t do this. Tyson loves you, I don’t want him. Connor has never wanted Carly, she doesn’t understand the word no. Connor loves me, and I love him. Please Sharon, stop this.”

“I have to go,” she mumbles, leaving me and walking out the back door.

Smoke starts billowing out of the oven, setting the smoke alarm off. I try to loosen the duct tape around my hands and feet, but Jesus, I swear she used a whole roll to keep me in the chair.

I watch the fire start on my stove as the oil crackles and pops everywhere. The smoke from the oven has my eyes stinging, and I rock the chair enough that it tips over onto the floor with me in it. I try to breathe in clean air, but the smoke is filling the room rapidly. I look over and see my kitchen fully engulfed in the fire now.

I keep fighting, trying to get out of the duct tape. My lungs are starting to burn, and I can feel the heat from the fire.

My skin is slick with sweat, but the tape is too tight for me to loosen it. I begin coughing, choking on the smoke. I can’t see anything in front of me. My eyes are stinging, I can feel my tears falling as thoughts of unfairness creep in. I won’t get to see my niece or nephew grow up, I won’t get to spend my life with Connor, I won’t be there for Alisa, and all because of plain jealousy.

I’m having a hard time breathing, and I know it's the carbon dioxide, soon I will lose consciousness. I just pray I don’t feel the flames of the fire as they ravish my body, and I die quickly.

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