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“I’m too tired to eat out,” he said. “Let’s order in.”

“Exactly my thoughts,” she said. “I’d have gone with you if you wanted to go out, but I wouldn’t have liked it one little bit.”

“You should have told me that. You’re allowed to make decisions like that too, you know.”

“I know.” She tucked her feet under her as she sat down beside him. She was still wearing her scrubs and really just wanted to take a three-hour bath and lose herself in a romance novel.

He looked at her, and he could see the fatigue on her face. “You should go get in the bathtub and read for a while. You look exhausted.”

“Would you mind? And you can order for me. It’s not like you don’t know what I like to eat.”

He smiled. “I used to have your favorite thing at every restaurant memorized.”

“I remember. You were the best.”

“I was? I’m not now?”

She smiled, brushing his lips with hers. “I have to get to know you all over again before I can answer that. In the next house, you need to make a bathtub big enough for two.”

As she wandered away from him, he grinned. It would take a while, but he was sure he could get her to fall in love with him again. He didn’t need to worry about it for him. He was still in love with her after all those years. Just seeing her again told him all he needed to know.

Shelby stripped in the bathroom and climbed into the tub. It had a jacuzzi jet, and she was more than happy to turn it on as she picked up her book. This wasn’t a bath for getting clean. No, she was just going to soak the day away.

Too quickly after she’d gotten in, Nate called her on her book…er…phone. “Yes?”

“Food will be here in a minute. You may want to get dressed and come down.”

“On my way.” She wished she could just eat in the bathtub, and for a moment, she thought about asking Nate to bring her food up to the bathroom, but then she decided to be an adult and go all the way downstairs. Eating with Nate was something she looked forward to.

She got downstairs as he was pulling their food out of bags and putting it on the table. “Italian?” she asked, surprised. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Italian, but he was always catering to her and getting her tacos.

He nodded. “Yeah, the local Italian place does this pizza taco thing. They roll up taco meat in a pizza crust, and then serve it with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream. I thought you might like to try it.”

“Oh, yeah!” she said. “Anytime someone can combine a pizza with a taco, I know they’re doing something right.”

“I also got cheese-stuffed breadsticks. We’ll be in carb overload, but we’ll be happy.”

After their prayer, she took a bite of one of the rolls, and smiled. “I think there are beans in there too. I can taste them. You’re right. This is delicious.”

“I got a chicken one if you want to trade.”

She nodded. “Absolutely.” She gave him half of her rolls and took half of his. Then she bit down into one of the breadsticks and sighed contentedly. “Good choice of meals.”

“It’s a new thing they’re doing, but I think it’ll stick around. It’s just so good!”

“What are you planning for supper for Tricia and Jeff tomorrow night?” she asked.

He shrugged. “I figured I’d do a taco bar. Serve queso, beans, cheese, and meat along with chips, tortillas and shells, and everyone can assemble their own meal.”

“Like we did for the wedding,” she said with a smile.

“Exactly. And I’m going to try my hand at sopapillas. I do love sopapillas.”

“Oh, I’ll look forward to those. We have butter and cinnamon and honey?”

“I have all the essentials. I made Tricia a grocery list and she hit the store yesterday while she was here. Are you happy with the work she’s doing?” he asked.

“Ecstatic! Next time let me know when you’re making a grocery list though. I want more variety in my morning cereal.”

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