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“Calm down,” she whispers, kissing my lower lip and stroking my biceps soothingly. “I want you. We can make it work.”

“Make what work?”

“Pull out. Take a pill. I’m not ruining this night.”

My cock head rubs against her slightly furry entrance and my desire to plunge my dick into Brittany’s slick slit defies any part of me that might have had a lick of responsibility. I’m not in control with her anymore. I had control until I saw her kissing Rob. Then I realized I could lose her and if I didn’t stop beating myself up for loving the wrong woman, I might never have a chance at the love I want.

Brittany’s mischievous hands rush to my ass again, and she digs her fingernails into my glutes. She loves doing that, completely ignorant to the fact that the pinpricks of her nails makes me want to cum so fucking bad.

I push my cock against her entrance and slide into her slowly. Brittany’s nails dig deeper into my ass and I fight the desire to cum instantly. She’s mine, so she cums first. That’s how I’ll keep her sexy ass in my bed. Once my cock slides entirely inside Brittany’s tightness, I’m in fucking heaven. She’s the best I’ve ever had and I love her, which makes her full figure and her soft body even better as I enter her.

Her soft thighs wrap around me and I pump into her slowly, enjoying the sensation of filling her nicely with a big cock.

“It’s so big,” Brittany gasps, a tiny tear forming in the corner of her eye as I spread her wide and pin her to the bed. I push my hips forward more, entering her deeper.

“I know baby,” I whisper. “But you can take it. You feel so fucking good.”

Brittany emits a moan halfway between anguished and pleasurable. She drags her nails over my back instead of my ass as I move faster. I can’t help myself. I want her so badly and feeling her tightness around my cock stimulates my urge to fuck her harder.

My hands slip between Brittany’s legs and I massage her clit as I make love to her. This pleasure was worth the wait. She moans louder as I tease her clit. I can’t stop myself from grunting with pleasure along with her. I’m never quiet about how I feel when I’m inside a woman.

“Fuck, I love your pussy,” I grunt as I slide smooth slow circles around her clit and slide into Brittany’s slick entrance. She’s nice and wet for me, making a delicious warm passage for me to fuck. I want to cum inside her. I know it’s wrong but…

“I love you,” she gasps. “I love you so much…”

“I love you too,” I grunt, pinning her hands over her head and pounding Brittany into the bed with reckless abandon. Our bodies join perfectly and I don’t feel like an old man when I’m inside her. I can keep up with her twenty-year-old sex drive and enjoy taking her to bed without feeling winded.

This is fucking good and so fucking worth it. With one hand pinning her to the bed and the other between her legs, it won’t take long for me to get Britt to cum. I slowly ease my dick between her legs, stimulating every inch of her and enjoying her as I tease her nice and slow.

“Cum for me,” I growl. “I want to feel you cumming on my dick.”

Brittany surprises me with the immediacy of her obedience. Her climax breaks through like gushing through a cracked dam. Her pussy tightens around my cock and before I can control myself or truly enjoy her body responding so enchantingly to mine, the grasp of her pussy around my cock forces me over the edge. I cum hard and I cum right inside her, despite myself. I can’t stop myself. I can’t.

Brittany moans as we cum together and pulls my face to hers as she kisses me and whimpers in her out of control euphoric state. I’m fucked up for doing this, but even after cumming, I don’t regret it.

I hold her close to me and growl, “I’m not taking you home tonight. I don’t give a fuck.”

“Fletcher, you’re crazy.”

I push my hips into her deeper. “Yeah,” I whisper. “Maybe. But I can’t let you out of my bed.”

“Midnight,” Brittany whispers, teasing me with her toes. “You take me home at midnight. I’m not taking you down any dark, immoral paths, Officer Sweeney.”

Too fucking late, princess. Too fucking late…

“Fletcher?”Brittany presses. “You’re taking me home after. Right? We can’t be late…”

Takingher home is the right thing to do and I have every intention of taking Brittany home after the third round of sex. I have to get in trouble with Harry, but it doesn’t have to be tonight. She asks me to cuddle after that third round and I can’t say no to her. After a painful amount of waiting and denying myself, after facing my ultimate fear that I would fucking lose her, I can’t deny Brittany a night against my chest.

She presses her soft almond-brown skin against mine and nuzzles into my chest. Her breath is warm and her body is so perfect against mine. She’s quiet and so am I. We’re too tired to say another word.

“I’ll hold you and I’ll take you home,” I murmur. “I swear, I’m taking you home.”

“Uh huh,” she murmurs sleepily. And that was it.

My bedroom door swings open,jerking me awake. Brittany yelps as my sudden movement jerks her off my chest. Holy fuck. There’s a 12-gauge shotgun pointed at my face. I’ve stared down the barrel of this shotgun before. Only once and we were very fucking drunk when it happened, but you never forget an experience like that. It’s Harry. Holy fuck. It’s daylight too motherfucker, and you just tossed Brittany on the floor like a sack of red potatoes.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Harry yells, his finger quivering on the trigger. The gun on my bedside table doesn’t have any bullets. I’m fucked.

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