Fairy Godmen

Author: Crystal Vranich
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 98

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Fairy Godmen

Angelina Davis is an architect. Not just any architect, she has clawed her way to the top of her field, featured in magazines, and has a waiting list of clients vying for her attention. She makes her own money and plenty of it as the go-to woman for unique designs.

For all her professional accomplishments, Angelina Davis has a less than stellar dating life. If he has overly quirky traits, she has dated him. When a dating app leads her to Jake, she agrees to pose as his girlfriend to escape scrutiny from Jake’s father over his lifestyle. What is the harm in going out on the town with a handsome man and his boyfriend? In exchange, Jake and his boyfriend Max become the fairy godmen of her love life.

When possessive and tight-lipped Ben Owen shows up, quite literally, on her doorstep in a faded Army tee, Angelina recognizes his type. Ben's demands have her reconsidering the single life. The longer he stays the more adamant Ben is that Angelina is his. Growing up with a single dad who retired from the Army, Angelina has no problem putting Ben in his place. A few stolen moments in the laundry room and the battle to see whose will is stronger begins. Ben has no plans to leave and Angelina will need her fairy godmen’s help to send Ben on his way.

One disappearing man, a trip to the club gone awry, her globe-trotting, RV-loving father took off, and a baby picture later, Angelina and her fairy godmen are left trying to fit the pieces together. Who is Ben Owen? Can he win Angelina’s heart before what she saw comes back to get her?