The Warren Effect

Author: Crystal Vranich
Category: Romance
Total pages: 84

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The Warren Effect

What did you do for your fortieth birthday? If pack your belongings and leave your husband of twenty years, who conveniently forgot he had a wife and not a housekeeper, was your answer, you win the prize of a tiny new apartment that won’t fit half of what you packed. Rose is tired of being a housekeeper. A wife should be at the top of a priority list. Rose would be thrilled to be penciled in at the bottom of the list. With a quick mouth, a sense of humor not everyone gets, and a kick-butt mentality, she decides divorce is the only option. There is life out there even if it breaks her heart to go find it. When her delinquent brother shows up at her door in trouble again, Rose makes a deal. Working off his debt is the perfect solution. In a new state, surrounded by a motorcycle club, Rose tried to start over. The unfortunate thing about starting over is sometimes the past follows you. After Warren’s refusal to sign the divorce papers, Rose fears the worst when the club comes under attack. Why would a husband who ignored her decide to target the Scorpion Warriors MC? Keeping Warren off her new friends' radar while their livelihood was threatened would be a challenge Rose wasn’t sure she could handle. Warren did everything right, and it ended up wrong. His job had a few complications. After time and distance no longer work, Warren is forced to confess his secrets. He has to make his wife see she is his before it is too late. It is time to reclaim his wife. Getting past the Scorpion Warriors wouldn’t be a problem. Confessing to her would be hard. Convincing her to come home with him would be harder. He wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to get what he wanted. He wanted Rose. His wife had better get ready. He was coming, and he wasn’t leaving without her.