Bond & Mate

Author: Laura Wylde
Category: Romance | Paranormal | Erotic
Total pages: 39

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Bond & Mate

Can one woman with a unique gift and four wolf-shifters save the world?

If I thought flunking out of University was bad, getting kidnapped is far worse. And ending up in The Forbidden Forest with four men you hate? Yeah, that isn’t any better.

Oh, and did I mention the little issue of the Rift—that tear in the fabric of reality that sucks people’s emotions and takes their lives?

Somehow we’re supposed to deal with that too.

But spending time with guys I love to hate shows me another side to them that I never dreamed possible. And the pressure is on to repair our broken relationships before we face our foe.

Because when the battle comes, and it will come, these four wolf-shifters are gonna need me just as much as I need them.

Will our mating bond be strong enough to survive the battle? And if it does, will it be strong enough to last a lifetime?