Vengeance of The Fallen (Twisted Legends Collection 1)

A new persona. A new life. But none of that would save me from them.


The Fallen are ruthless, demanding, and vicious, and they want me.


I thought I could hide from my past, but they know who I am, what I am. They want vengeance. And they will take it, no matter what.


They see me as pure, innocent, and they want to tarnish that veneer. But what they don’t know is that I have darkness clawing its way out of me. For so long, I try to hide it. I'm afraid of it, but when my three captors recognize the shadows lurking in my soul, I know it’s too late.


I am their captive.


They’re merciless, ruthless, and violent.


The Fallen have stolen me, but there is a far worse evil lurking outside, watching. It’s waiting for me.


The question is — Will these three men save me, or watch my demise?