Dangerous Game

Author: B.L. Brooks
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 13

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Dangerous Game



My control is slowly fading…but I made a promise I swore to keep.

An old friend is here for help.
His long-lost niece, Tessa, is in need of a safe place to hide.

And given the fact my property is lined with armed men, I’d say David couldn’t have brought her to a better spot.

But when discovering how stunning, how wild his niece is…I know I’m in deep. I can’t go back on my word now.

David has been a friend since childhood—back when we’d ride our rusty bikes into town, pickpocketing tourists just to sell their items for half the value.

And if watching over Tessa is critical, it’s what I’ll have to do…keep an eye on this young little temptress.

There’s nothing like blissful torture—the only way it can really be described. As the days pass on with Tessa close by, my strength continues to die. It’s hard to tell how much more I can take.

Pretending to not catch those wandering eyes on me…she seems to think I don’t notice, but I do.

And every single time.

This dangerous game has piqued my interest, but it may not be one I’m willing to play…

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