Snowed In (Columbus Falls 3)

Author: T. Spear
Category: Romance
Series: Columbus Falls
Total pages: 55

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Snowed In (Columbus Falls 3)

Who knew a simple favor would change the course of my life?

When Sarah asks me to house sit for her while she’s on her honeymoon, of course I say yes. She’s my best friend. Little do I know I will be sharing the space with her new husband’s best friend, Troy, whom I barely tolerate.

Hopefully, we can both act like civil human beings. Or better yet, he can just stay on his side of the house…and away from me.

When my friend asks me to help him turn their guest room into a library for his new wife, I don’t hesitate. Even though I know Chrissy will be there, too. We are the epitome of the word “frenemies.” She puts up with me, but I know it’s only for Sarah’s sake.

Chrissy thinks I’m arrogant and annoying, but what she doesn’t know is that it’s a defense mechanism, sheltering the little boy inside me.

I’m actually hoping to clear the air. If only she’ll give me the chance.

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