Fire Ball (The Saints of San Diego 6)

Author: Suzanne Jenkins
Category: Romance
Series: The Saints of San Diego
Total pages: 51

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Fire Ball (The Saints of San Diego 6)

A career in the NFL or join the local fire company with dad? The final choice is made when Oliver Saint meets trauma nurse Wendy Adams and her dog, Sadie.


Being drafted by an NFL team was the realization of a goal Oliver Saint had set for himself. For the handsome, muscular college junior, he had the choice of either becoming a player in the NFL, or a fireman, following the rest of the Saints. Although he had the greatest respect for the job, he just couldn’t see himself in a life of service to his fellow man. He wanted the accolades of a professional sports career.


His high school sweetheart didn’t want him to leave California if he was a draft pick, but Oliver wasn’t sure that he wanted her to follow him across the county. He wanted the full experience of living in his own apartment in a strange city. That didn’t include domesticity.

Then everything blew up when a serious injury on the field brought trauma nurse Wendy Adams into his life. She’d change everything for Oliver, helping him to make a final choice.

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