Always Her Mate

Author: Sarah Spade
Category: Paranormal | Fantasy | Romance | Vampires
Total pages: 74

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Always Her Mate

I’ve always known that Ryker is my fated mate. What I didn’t know? Was that he’s always known he’s mine…

Ryker Wolfson.

Strong. Sexy. 



For as long as I can remember, I’ve been waiting for the Luna Ceremony that would make him my bonded mate. Though it’s not supposed to be possible, I’ve known since I was a kid that the future Alpha of the Mountainside Pack was fated to be mine. I figured my knowing had something to do with me being a rarity: a born female alpha.

Turns out that I’m half right. It’s not the female part, but an alpha thing. Because Ryker? For the last eleven years, he’s known exactly who I am to him.

Worse? The rejection that had me hiding out this past year was as planned as everything else he has his claws in. Ryker might’ve thought he was protecting me, but all he did was push me away—all because he forgot for a moment what I am. 

Omega Gem is history. Long live the Alpha of Muncie.

Only I’m in a bit of trouble these days. He might’ve spent years keeping my secret for me, but it’s out now. An unforeseen betrayal in his pack has Ryker reeling, and me walking around with a big ol’ target on my back.

As if dealing with my infatuated roommate wasn’t bad enough. Now I have a powerful wolf chasing after me, desperate to claim me during the next full moon.

Not to mention the summons from my birth pack—and my old life. My sperm donor has discovered just how valuable I am, and since I’ve been “rejected” by Ryker, he wants me to go home for the first time since I was a pup.

Yeah? Well, I want him to drop dead.

And while I’m used to getting out of tougher scrapes than these, I’m beginning to see that—once again—I’m left with basically one option, and it isn’t running away.

It’s Ryker.

Maybe it’s time that I accept that he’s always been my mate…