Surviving in Clua

Author: Elle Wylee
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 91

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Surviving in Clua

Kenzi has one aim in life… to succeed.

She has a plan, and a budget, and now is the perfect moment to get in before the tourists flood in.

She doesn’t need his friendship, she doesn’t want his advice, and she definitely does not need his help—even if he has come back to the island with the kind of beard that dreams are made of, and a stick shoved so far up his ass she’s surprised it hasn’t popped out of his man-bun.

Big dreams, and an even bigger point to prove, she’s sticking to her man-ban no matter how big his man-bun is.

Ex-Marine, Mylo has come back with one mission in mind… to forget.

No panic-attacks, no flashbacks, and definitely no falling for a woman who deserves so much more than he has to give.

Giving in would mean letting her see past his scars to the broken parts that lay beneath. Letting her see would mean facing a past he barely made it through and surviving the fall out.

Welcome back to Clua, blue skies, white sands, and big, grumpy man-mountains.

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