Her Lion Protectors

Author: Lilly Wilder
Category: Paranormal | Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 33

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Her Lion Protectors

Ever Notice How Life Turns Upside Down When You Least Expect It To?

I was always the good girl.
I was never a risk taker.
I always followed the rules.

Then along came Rick and Dalton.
One night, I was out on the town, dancing with my friend, when they rescued me.
Suddenly, I had two new protectors watching over me.

I thought they were just a couple of regular guys at first.
Then I learned what they truly were.
It shocked me, but it also intrigued me.

How was I to know my world was about to be rocked?
How was I to know they were lion shifters?
And how was I to know I wanted them as much as they wanted me?

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