Slow and Steady

Author: K. Sterling
Category: Romance | M-M Romance
Total pages: 39

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Slow and Steady

It doesn't get more complicated than a senior FBI agent falling for the son of a notorious Irish gangster.


That’s exactly what Special Agent Atlas Beesley has done. He’s lived in the friend zone for years and let his career get in the way but Atlas knows Declan’s the one the moment they meet. Unfortunately, Atlas has been charged with monitoring Lake Cliff’s more…interesting residents. Atlas has been ordered to keep a distance and have a light touch but all he can think about is getting his hands on Declan.


He was going to be a priest but Declan Leary realized he couldn’t atone for his father’s and brother’s sins. And he wasn’t all that pious, if he was being honest. Shy and too sensitive, he could never be his father’s son. And Declan wanted nothing to do with his brother, but he has never been able to shake the shame until he arrived in Lake Cliff. He’s ready to start over but is Declan brave enough to confess to having feelings for the agent investigating his family?

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