Wicked Heirs

Author: Kristin Buoni
Category: Dark | Erotic | Crime | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 58

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Wicked Heirs

They haven’t won yet…


Tensions have reached a boiling point between me and the wicked heirs of Crown Point. My search for the truth has uncovered their dark, twisted conspiracy, and now they’re fighting back.

They’ve taken me and they mean to silence me. Permanently.

I can’t save myself this time, but I still have one last hope for survival.



When the enemy came for Kinsey, I wasn’t ready... but I’m ready now.

The need for vengeance and justice is burning me from the inside out.

I’ll hunt down these so-called elites one by one. Topple them from their thrones. Make them pay for their sins. If anyone else gets in my way, I’ll destroy them too.

Anything to save the girl I love.


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