Betrayed By the Mafia

Author: Veda Rose
Category: Romance | Adult | Erotic | Crime
Total pages: 58

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Betrayed By the Mafia

First he crushes me with his cold heart. Then he gets me pregnant.
He’s twenty years older than me and part of the cruel, cruel Bratva.
I’m with the Italians, and my task is to defeat him for a new and bloody project.
He broke my heart before, and I want my revenge…until I find out I’m carrying the Bratva’s baby…

I thought he was my person, until I found out the hard way that no one is your person.
He played me and betrayed me, but I’m no longer a naïve girl.
I’ll give my all to get this business before he does.
And I’ll make sure I don’t fall for him again.

But somewhere in the mafia maze I get lost.
I get lost in his cold, harsh eyes that follow me everywhere.
I get lost in his strong, protective arms that trap me against his hard chest.
I get lost in a dream of the Bratva daddy, our baby, and me.

Am I going to give everything up for the Russian again?

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