Author: Cathleen Cole
Category: Romance
Total pages: 26

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She risked her life to save his. Now he can’t let her go…


I’m untethered.
It’s necessary as I hunt down a dangerous enemy of my MC, nothing but the wind in my face and my bike underneath me. No one else will suffer on my watch—none except those who deserve it.
But one afternoon changes everything, and if it wasn’t for the sinfully beautiful siren paddling toward me on a surfboard, I’d be lost to a watery grave.
On dry land, my mission takes a back seat to my fascination with the girl who’s got saltwater in her veins.
I need her to trust me if this is going to work.
But if I can’t take out the threat, trusting me might be the last thing she does…

It was a no-brainer diving into the ocean to save a drowning biker.
If only I’d known how that one act would turn my life upside down.
See, it turns out that the gorgeous man is reckless, too.
He’s trouble with a capital T.
Everything girls are warned to avoid.
But I can’t seem to walk away. Not when he’s a mystery I’m desperate to solve.
What chased him off that cliff?
And if I hand him my heart, will there be anything left when he’s finished with me?

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