Hot For My Step Uncle

Author: Flora Ferrari
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 70

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Hot For My Step Uncle

If they gave out prizes for bad daughters, I’d get the gold medal.


Mom finally found her dream man, and what do I do? Kiss his brother at the wedding.

Okay, so Miles kissed me. Then, as soon as the soul-searing kiss was over, he stepped away as though it was a mistake.

He’s all I’ve thought about since the wedding over a year ago—plenty of time to dwell on the guilt, the taboo, the wrongness of what we did. At least he regrets it. He didn’t speak to me for the rest of the wedding reception.

Now Miles is back. I don’t plan on the steaminess, but things get out of hand one night. Miles won’t stop. I don’t want him to. My step-uncle finds every excuse to be with me, and it’s not like I’m putting up a fight. What happens when Mom finds out?

Will I ruin her chance at happiness or mine? I can’t have it both ways, can I?