Shipwrecked Curves

Author: Ember Davis
Category: Romance
Total pages: 20

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Shipwrecked Curves

The moment I researched Candy Cane Key, I knew it would be the perfect location for the photoshoot my boss has been hired to do. Who doesn’t love Christmas in July…or any time of year? Like with all the places I’ve traveled with the photographer I work for, I’m looking forward to seeing it in person. When I arrive at Candy Cane Key, it feels like the perfect place for a vacation even though I have to work.

Hayden seems like the perfect guy to be my guide and help me find the right location for the shoot, even though he’s gruff and doesn’t seem to like me very much. I just need him to do his job and I’ll do mine. Hayden can’t help me find the perfect location and setting out on my own proves to be a disaster, one he saves me from while sparks fly between us.

After finding the location, nothing about the shoot goes right and when I’m asked to be in front of the camera, with my curves on display, Hayden doesn’t seem happy. I’ve been falling in love with Candy Cane Key and Hayden, but maybe he’s not the right guy for me. If only my heart got the memo.

I love everything about Candy Cane Key, except for the tourists. They don’t respect our little slice of Christmas heaven the same way the locals do. They’re always wanting something to capitalize on, but I try and push my resentment down because I have a business to run.

Even though normally I charter private fishing trips, I take the job when someone reaches out about touring the island to find a spot for a photoshoot. I wasn’t prepared to meet Bristol, a curvy goddess who takes my breath away and makes me forget I have manners. I’m surly when it comes to her, and I can’t explain it; I should have known her stubbornness would get her in trouble.

The way we clash puts her in a position where she needs me to rescue her, and I have to claim her. When I finally get the opportunity to see her work, nothing goes to plan and then she comes alive when given the chance to be in front of the camera. We’re so different and even though I know she’s mine, I don’t know if I can keep her.

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