Author: Nova Mason
Category: Romance
Total pages: 49

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She wasn’t the bride I thought I was getting when I signed the marriage contract, but she’s the one I want and the one I’ll get.

She was the Don’s unknown daughter until she broke into our compound, kicked me in the balls, and shot her uncle.

Rising tensions and a need for vengeance have my hellcat running from me and the life she was born for. I don’t care how far she runs or how long of a trail of blood we need to leave. Eventually I will get her to stop running and shackle her to me with those two sweet word.

I do.

I’ve been on the run all my life. Fighting defense. Why not switch to offense, cause a little chaos? Right a few wrongs.

I came to Chicago to get a Kidney to save my mother’s life.

Now, I’m thinking I can check a few other items off my to-do list while I’m here. My father won’t know what hit him. I’ll get my vengeance and be on my way. No distractions.

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