Remember Always

Author: Ginny Sterling
Category: Romance
Total pages: 73

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Remember Always

Ian Selkirk was a flirt and the target of the team when it came to pranks. He loved a good joke as much as the next person, so when he received an emotional letter via email, he thought for sure this was just another trick… and laid on the charm!

June Peyton couldn’t believe the sweetness and sunny disposition of this unknown soldier who’d actually replied. When she’d been asked to write Ian by her friend, she assumed this was just another ploy by her family to introduce her to ‘a respectable man’… but now she wasn’t so sure.

The gifts, the handwritten songs, and the romantic poems were enough to make any woman swoon, much less a lonely widow picking herself up out of the gutter, step by step.

When the truth comes out… and it’s not some practical joke?

What happens next?

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