Reckless Bride

Author: B.B. Hamel
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 73

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Reckless Bride

I’m supposed to marry my sister’s killer.
But I’ll sell myself to a monster to get revenge instead.

Everyone thinks my sister’s death was an accident, but I know better.

So when I can’t go through with the arranged-marriage to her murderer, I try to escape—

Only for a guest at the ceremony to catch me.

Liam Crowley might be the most dangerous man in Portland, even worse than my future-husband. He’s obscenely handsome, wildly rich, and connected to deep webs of dark money.

Instead of dragging me back to marry the man I despise most in the world, he offers to help. But Liam doesn’t do anything for free.

Now I’m spending my honeymoon with a beautiful heathen making mistakes under sweat-soaked sheets.

Only in the cold light of day, it becomes clear:

Liam Crowley’s price is my hand in marriage.

What started as a business deal turns into so much more—

When he finds a positive pregnancy test on my bathroom floor.