Artfully Bred

Author: E.M. Shue
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 14

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Artfully Bred

Vittoria Carbone has been told all her life that she will marry for a strategic union for her family. She is a commodity. Only for his benefit. She thought things would change when her cousin took over the family, but her father hasn’t changed his mind. He still wants her to marry for a union for the family. He chased away the one man that Vittoria wanted. Now she only has her art. The lines and splashes of color tell the story of her pain.

Spencer Tate only needed to see Vittoria once to know she was meant to be his, but her father won’t allow it. He’s told Spencer he isn’t good enough, so he left to prove he was better than anyone for Vittoria. He’s built his business to be the best in the industry. But two years away from the woman he wants hasn’t only made his heart grow fonder and his desire for her deeper, it’s also proved to him he’s going to have to play dirty to get her.

When Vittoria’s life is threatened Spencer comes back and he’s ready to do everything to keep her, even put his baby in her belly.