Second Chance At Forever

Author: Rosa Mink
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 23

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Second Chance At Forever

Four years ago, Colleen’s world shattered. The husband she adored beyond words told her he was done, met someone else, and wanted a divorce. If that wasn’t bad enough, hadn’t destroyed her enough, she was attacked just days later, leaving her with scars she’s still working through.

Now, she’s managed to turn her life around, get on with it, even if she can’t stand men being anywhere close to her. Things are finally going well, until she runs into her ex-mother-in-law and sisters-in-law at a baby shower she catered sweets for, and her world is shaken up all over again. Mainly by their accusations that she left Avery rather the other way around. She’s not about to let them hurt her, damage the life she’s made, and lets them know precisely who destroyed their marriage.

Avery broke up his marriage after receiving devastating news, wanting to give Colleen the chance to be happy, have the life she deserved, but not for a single minute has he not missed her. The only way to get through his days was to not know anything about her, but with their move to New York, the last thing he expected was to run into her, let alone discover what his selfishness caused.

Now, he can’t breathe at the thought of never having her as his again, of never being able to love her the way only he can, and he can’t give up and walk away again. He doesn’t care how much groveling it takes, he’ll get her back. He has to in order to survive—especially with the thought of her being with someone else. Not just anyone else, but a woman she’s living with who’s not about to let her go easily it seems.

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