Brush Strokes

Author: Rebecca Rathe
Category: Romance
Total pages: 71

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Brush Strokes

Beth Heaton wants nothing more than to be an artist, but a lifetime of internalizing the judgment of her family and peers has left her full of self-consciousness and doubt. She quietly fades into the background, until she captures the attention of the ruggedly handsome and world renown photographer Callaghan Flynn.

While volunteering in his best friend’s art class, Cal takes one look at the curvy brunette and throws caution to the wind, jumping into a relationship he knows he’ll have to abandon.

As stoic Ezra Beckett stands back and watches his best friend fall in love with the art student he’s been pining over for years, he regrets never being brave enough to approach her. But when Cal discovers Ezra’s true feelings for Beth, he suggests that the two of them work together to show Beth how beautiful and truly special she is.

Between Cal’s impending departure, Beth’s crippling insecurities, and Ezra’s hesitance to jump into a menage, does this relationship even have a chance?