Her Trust

Author: H.R. Lloyd
Category: Young Adult | Romance
Total pages: 136

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Her Trust

He was the one I should have kept a distance from. My trust.


I am the leader of The Talons, one of the four crime syndicates that run this city and I fought to get where I am. I cannot allow myself to trust anyone. The only person I can truly count on is myself. But the one person I should never let in, walks right into my life. Detective Javier Campos.

Now we are working together to protect innocents being hurt by an unknown enemy. He’s supposed to be protecting me from the visible evils, but who is going to protect my heart? If I show Javier the honour amongst thieves, will he show me what life can be like when you let someone in?

Can he earn my trust?

Will he ever be able to keep it?


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