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He pulls me into his arms “Weren’t you the one wanting to fly commercial so as not to look rich? Now you want me to tell Charlie to fly around so that you can take a shower. Talk about spoiled. We’re already cleared to land. Trust me, Logan is not going to notice.”

I glare at him using my own words to his advantage. “Easy for you to say. You’re wearing a clean white button-down shirt and dark jeans.” Wish I could throw my high heels at him.

Instead, I hold on to his shoulder as I slip into my pumps. Grabbing my bag, I glance around the cabin to make sure we’re not forgetting anything.

I expect to see Julie; instead we’re alone.

Settling into the chair, I pull out my makeup bag and groan in frustration at my reflection. My mascara has smeared under my right eye.

“I look like Spot the dog.”

“You worry too much about your looks, Tess.” He pulls out his phone.

I roll my eyes at him. “I don’t understand why you didn’t wake me earlier.”

“I tried, and you didn’t move. Obviously, you need sleep.”

How can I argue with that? But come on… all my lipstick has been smeared off. And I don’t even want to get into my hair.

Crossing my legs, my eyes scan the area for Julie. “What did you do while I slept?” I cringe and wish I could take it back but it’s out there.

He cocks his head. “What’s going on with you?”

I rummage through my makeup bag not able to look at him or I might start crying. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I asked you that.”

Reed stares at me then sighs as he shakes his head. “I talked with Charlie for a bit. Then I wanted to fuck my girlfriend. But she was exhausted, so I sat and watched her sleep for a while. After that, I decided to take a shower. Oh, wait… I also fired poor Julie. She cried if that makes you feel better.”

I groan, rubbing under my eye, trying to get the black mascara off. “Maybe I overreacted. I was tired. You can rehire her.” I glance around for her so that I can do it myself.

“Tess, I’m joking I didn’t fire her. That would be ridiculous. I did ask her to be more professional, and she apologized.”

Breathing out, I say, “Thank God,” and put all my makeup back into my bag. We’re landing and I can’t concentrate. Reed reaches for my pinkie finger.

“Relax, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

I look down at our pinkies locked together then up into his incredible eyes.

“I know.” Because I do.Charlie, our pilot, brings the plane down like a pro. And a few moments later, I’m walking down the steps while Reed stops to talk to him.

Los Angeles and all her sunshine does not disappoint. Even on the private tarmac, it’s brighter.

Brance and a blond man are waiting for us. I scream and throw myself into Brance’s arms. He pulls back and looks me up and down.

“What the hell did he do to you now?”

I laugh. “Well, hello to you too. This time it wasn’t Reed. I fell asleep, and this is the finished product.”

Gesturing to my face and shirt, I add, “I looked great this morning if that helps.”

“Wait. You took a nap?” Pulling me back so that his dark eyes can sweep my face, he says, “Are you sick? You never nap.”

“Stop it. I was up super late last night writing a paper, silly.” I run my fingers through his thick hair. He must be letting it return to its natural color.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Miss you more. You sure you’re all right?” He arches his dark eyebrows.

“Brance! I’m fine.”

He doesn’t look convinced. Probably because I’m not convinced. The truth is I haven’t felt good for the last two weeks or so.

A nervous cough reminds us that we are not alone. We both turn to the man standing next to us. I go to hug him.

“You must be Logan. So wonderful to meet you.” He’s stiff at first then slowly relaxes enough to return my hug. Slightly shorter than Brance, he has sandy-blond hair with big blue eyes. His face is cute in that boyish, charming way. Brance grabs hold of his waist.

“This the man who has changed me.” He pulls him close for a full-on kiss. Logan is beaming.

“I hope he is changing you for the better. He has his work cut out for him.” Reed has somehow sneaked up behind me. He wraps a possessive arm around me.

Brance shakes his head. “Logan, this is the infamous Reed Saddington. Reed, Logan.”

Reed holds out his hand to shake Logan’s.

“Um, yes, nice to meet you.”

Brance purses his lips. “Shall we… Tess, my love, would you like me to fix you up in the car?”

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