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“You promised,” I hiss. “Now give me my son!”

Jax’s eyes lock onto mine. “I never promised. It’s over, Tess.” As he swings Luke around, he hands him to me. I put one on either side of my hips. Along with my bag and their backpacks, I wonder if I’m going to topple over.

“Mommy?” Both Luke and Lilly look scared. For the first time in my life, I don’t let fear control me.

Fuck this!

I’m their mother and I will do anything to protect them. “It’s okay, babies. Mommy’s got you!” I kiss their dark curls, holding them so tight Luke is making a face. I hear Brance swearing; Jax is holding him back.

Turning around to face my enemy, I stand frozen and blink at the face that has haunted me for more than three years.

Reed!To Be Continued…