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I’m like a starved beast, and her body is my feast. Lowering my head to take one of her hard, pink nipples into my mouth, I lick it and hear myself groan. A small victory smile touches her lips, and I laugh.

“We’re so fucked. Thankfully your mom is smashed.”

She nods. “I don’t think she would care anyway.” She moans it out. As I bite her nipple, a hiss comes out of her lips. Remorse fills me. What the hell is wrong with me?

“Kitten, I’m sorry…” She’s panting and grinding herself on me, shoving her breast farther into my mouth.

“Don’t be sorry—just do it again.”

For a moment I freeze, not sure I heard her correctly. Then I smirk at her. “I should have known: whatever I like, you like.”

“You should.” Her chest goes up and down, mirroring her excitement. “I love you, and I trust you. Please, make me come, Reed.” She sounds frantic.

Taking the other nipple in my mouth. I start to suck it, letting go of her wrists, so that I can use that hand to rub and pinch the first nipple. Her hands seem to be fluttering around trying to find something to grab hold of. I grind on her, and she groans, encouraging me. My hand grabs the post of her canopy so that I can rub her pussy hard. It feels unbelievable. Thank God my pants are soft. Before I even realize it, I’m pulsing and shaking. I fucking come in my thousand-dollar Tom Ford pants.

I sit up shocked. Tess sits up, her eyes filled with wonder. “Reed?”

“I can’t believe… that just happened.”

She reaches for my cock and starts to rub, feeling all the wetness. “Oh, Reed, um… it’s okay…”

Cutting her off, the last thing I need is for Tess to try to make me feel better. “I need to get out of these, take a shower, and then we will continue.”

“But… I want you to keep doing what you were doing now!” She pouts.

I’m already stripping out of my slacks and boxers, shaking my head. Turning on the water in her shower, I step into the freezing water. I’m beyond caring as the cold water pierces my skin like little knives. In a way, it feels good. I need a moment to process the fact that I came in my pants. I have lost complete control and hate that. I reach for the soap and take a fast rinse-off. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I go back to Tess. She’s removed her heels and is under the covers.

We look at each other.

“I love you so much. Promise me it will always be us—only us.”

I nod as my hand instinctively rubs my tattoo. “I promise.” Dropping the towel, I’m starting to get hard again. Tess breathes roughly, and her eyes are huge and staring at my cock. Leaning over, she grabs for one of those frilly pillows to shield herself, I guess from my penis.

“Reed, that”—she points at my penis—“looks huge. He’s big, right?” she whispers the last part as she licks her lips.

Yep, I was right. She’s scared of my dick. I should be modest. But, fuck that. I have been blessed with a big, thick cock. And since this is the only one she’s ever going to see, I answer truthfully. “Yeah, it’s impressive, huh?” Slowly stroking it, I feel it harden and bob past my belly button.

She watches me almost like she is taking notes, then raises her head. “I want to suck it.”

“No way, I’m sucking on you tonight. Lie back,” I demand.

My need to do everything is starting to fuck with me. I’m like a boy in a candy shop. All I want to do is taste her, eat her, suck her, the way I’ve seen it done on the videos. Taking a calming breath, I pull the sheet away from her. I don’t even try to kiss her. I’m on a mission, and since I’m rock hard again, I need to get started. Inching down, I grab her hips. Her legs open for me and I blink. She’s pink and glistening and so perfect. I don’t move and simply stare at her pretty wet pussy.

“Reed!” She snaps in a whisper. “What are you doing?” She goes to close her legs.

“Don’t even think about closing those legs. Kitten, I’m never going to be the same again.” Lowering my head, I lick the nub that is throbbing and glistening. She lies back and sobs out my name, her head, turning into her frilly pillow. And then I feast—literally feast on her. Starting with her clit and moving all over—it’s sloppy and wet and I’m covered in her juices. She clutches the sheets tightly, her head thrashing from side to side. I stop tonguing her so that I can explore her. As I open her pink folds, my mouth waters at the thought of tasting her again. But I want to watch her as I finger her. Slowly I rub my thumb over her wet clit.