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That seems to do the trick. He releases my wrist like I’ve got a disease. “You do deserve better. But I can’t let you go. You’re mine.” His voice sounds tortured. Or maybe that’s only what I want to hear.

Suddenly I’m tired. The stress and pain have worn me out. I want to crawl into my soft bed, pull the covers over my head, and cry.

“Why are you doing this? It’s pointless. You’re with Lexi.” My voice is cracking, probably because the bile in my stomach is churning at the thought of it.

He looks out the window as if it has some magical information. The way his eyes are downturned and the edges of his mouth tug down makes him look sad, almost guilty. Finally, he looks straight into my eyes. “I’m not with Lexi. It was a mistake.”

“Oh, right.” A crazy laugh escapes me. “I heard you broke up with her, and she tried to kill herself.”

Suddenly, he’s in my face. “She a very sick girl. But she was someone who put me first. So, keep your judgment to yourself.”

Turning away from me as if he doesn’t trust himself, he says, “Goddamn it, Tess.” He scrubs his hands up and down his face. “Just so we’re clear, I never fucked her.”

It’s as if I’ve been slapped. Saying nasty things about someone who almost died is beneath me. And he knows it. I want to bolt, hide, anything but stay here. He must sense it because he grabs my hand, pulling me behind him as we enter my bedroom.

“I’m not leaving, Tess. We can fight, scream for days, but I’m not going anywhere.” He locks the door. My stomach flutters in excitement, which horrifies me a little.

Shaking my head, I tell him, “You’re a slut and a liar.”

He doesn’t try to defend himself. Instead he reaches for me and in one swift move, lifts me onto my dresser. Spreading my legs, he pushes in between them, pulling me close. His large hand wraps around my neck, his thumb rubbing my pulse.

“I did a lot of things I wish I could take back. I’m sure you feel the same. I can forgive you.” He presses gently on my racing pulse. I swallow.

“You need to let the past go. Let’s finish this now.” He pulls me tight against him, pressing my pussy against his erection.

“But I…”

He dips his head to my neck as his tongue licks me.

“Your pulse is racing. Are you scared?” A shiver goes down my spine, and he smiles as though he felt it.

“I’m not scared.” I raise my chin, noticing us in the mirror. My blond hair and flushed face stare back at me. Reed’s dark head and broad shoulders are sexy as always.

“I can’t breathe, Reed. Let go of me.” My voice is soft, sounding the opposite of what I’m saying.

His lips and nose are in my neck. “You can breathe,” he coaxes, then lifts his head to cup my cheeks, forcing me to see him.

“I love you.”

I blink at him not knowing if I want to kick him or scream for joy. I should kick him. But doing what I should do has only brought me pain. He owns my heart—always has.

“Why are you looking surprised? I told you I’m not playing games. You’re mine. And I’m done being without you.”

My nipples harden at his arrogance. His self-confidence has always been the biggest turn-on for me.

“Tell me you want me,” he demands before his lips travel to my neck. I close my eyes, wondering at what point do I admit that this was my plan all along? That maybe I have more control than I give myself credit for. Because if Reed makes me weak, I bring him to his knees.

“Kiss me, Kitten… Let’s see if it feels as good as we remember.” His mouth takes mine. It’s sweet and stinging all in one and I lose whatever battle I was having. I open to him. He groans, and his tongue thrusts and tangles with mine. Desire and power slither up my body. He’s giving it to me, so I take it, moaning into his cinnamon coffee kiss.

“I need to be inside you. I wanted to go slow, to prove myself. But maybe this is exactly what we need.” Picking me up, he sets me on my silky sheets. His eyes are electric, blue and fiery.

“Reed, I have to tell you something.” My nails are latched on to his forearms.

He cocks his head stroking my hair out of my face. “Okay—what is it?”


He grins. Leaning in to pepper kisses on my eyes, he uses his tongue to trace a path down to my mouth. Jesus, how can I think when he does that? How did I forget the incredible feel of his lips? Our tongues twist and suck as we drink each other’s nectar. It makes me want things I shouldn’t.