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“Were you studying my clothes?” I ask as the material pools at my feet.

Z likes to play the pretty boy-biker, but he’s a clever man. He knows exactly what I mean. One corner of his mouth slides up. “I’m always searching for ways to strip you out of your clothes.”

“I’d like to return the favor.” I slide my hands up under his T-shirt, eager to see every magnificent inch of him.

“You in a hurry to get this over with, pretty girl?”

“Hell no. I like you naked.”

Grinning, he steps back and shrugs off his cut, neatly draping it over a chair next to his closet. Slowly, he lifts his sweatshirt and I swear my fingertips tingle at the prospect of touching his skin. Without realizing it, I take a few steps closer. His gaze roams over my body again.

All night he’s been friendly, affectionate even. Now he’s ferocious as he prowls closer. I retreat and he reaches out, grabbing my hip. “Where are you going?” His gaze drops to my breasts and he licks his lips. “I never get over how pretty you are,” he whispers.

“Thank you.” The compliment combined with the hungry expression on his face sends desire blazing through me.

He drops to his knees but keeps a firm grip on my hips. Holding me in place. I thread my fingers through all his thick black hair and marvel at the softness. “Mmm.” He hooks an arm around one leg and nuzzles his face between my thighs. “Keep doing that.”

“What?” I run my fingers through his hair again and he rumble-groans with pleasure. “This?”


My knees go weak when he teases his finger over the thin material of my panties. A moan passes my lips and my head drops back as he slowly increases the pressure. He’s gentle and slow, taking his time to make sure I’m more than ready for the night ahead.

I shudder and can barely stand up straight, but I also can’t take my eyes off him as he leans in closer to press his lips against the thin, soaked fabric separating his mouth from my pussy. His powerful shoulders and back muscles roll and flex as he hooks his fingers into the elastic at my hips and slowly drags the underwear down my legs.

A bit of his control seems to snap and he forgets all about my panties, leaving them around my ankles. His strong fingers dig into my ass, drawing me closer. “Fuckin’ love your pussy,” her murmurs before diving in and kissing my most sensitive spot.

I gasp and curl my fingers into his shoulders, hanging on for dear life. Z’s done with the gentle exploration. He runs his tongue through my slit, stopping to tease my clit before starting over. Slow, burning pleasure builds inside me. This won’t be a quick burst of an orgasm. Z’s more talented and focused than that. He likes to draw out the experience until I’m on the verge of crying for his cock.

My thighs tremble and I have to focus on not losing my balance.

He growls, the sound vibrating through me, throwing gasoline on the fire his talented tongue and fingers are already doing to me. He nudges me backward until I have no choice but to lie down.

“Much better,” he rasps, placing my feet on the edge of the mattress the way he wants.

“Z,” I whisper.

He grasps my ass and runs his tongue around my clit.

“Oh, fuck.” My back arches. The words on my tongue evaporate under his sensual assault.

“Hmm?” he hums, prompting me to speak.

I open my eyes and stare. Good God, I’m the luckiest bitch on the planet. The sexiest man I’ve ever known has his face buried in my pussy, staring up at me, waiting for me to speak.

The devious expression on he’s wearing says he’s enjoying every moment. When I don’t get the words out right away, he slides a finger inside me, further scrambling my brain.

“Fuck, I really want your cock.”

“This not doing it for you, pretty girl?” I can hear the damn smirk in his voice as he lazily presses his finger in and out of me. His tongue slides over my clit again and my legs tremble.

Overwhelmed, I press my palms to my face. “No, fuck. Yes, so good.” I can’t arrange my words. Finally, I give up and allow the pleasure to consume me.


Lilly’s such a firecracker. Real, raw, and honest in all her emotions. She’s beautiful to watch as she comes undone. Every damn time.

When she’s limp and lifeless, drained of energy from the orgasms I coaxed from her body, I sit back.

Slowly, she recovers and raises herself on one elbow. “What are you still doing down there?”

“Admiring my work.”

She laughs and reaches for one of my pillows, tossing it at my head. I grab it out of her hands and pounce on her, caging her underneath me. Still smiling, she loops her arms around my neck. “You’re amazing.”

“Why, thank you.” I lean down to kiss her and she tightens her hold on me.

Quick and greedy, she wraps her legs around my waist and slides her hands down my back. I press my lips to her forehead. “Eager, pretty girl?”

“Yes.” Her fingers continue to explore my body, and more specifically my jeans. “Let’s get these off.”

“Want some cock, huh?”

“No, I want your cock.”

Her lips stay parted as if she plans to say something else and then she glances away.

I’ll ask her later. Right now, I’m ready to explode. Taking some of my weight off her, I undo my jeans. She helps me push them off most of the way while I grab a condom and smooth it on.

“Oh, good. God, come here,” she whispers, cupping my cheeks and pulling me closer. I press my lips to hers, slowly taking my time. We fall into a rhythm, sucking, licking, nipping at each other. Each time I bump my cock against her clit she moans into my mouth and I swear I could do just this for the rest of the damn night.

I thrust against her again and she lifts her hips. That little tilt allows me to push inside and I groan. Fuck, she’s amazing. I break our kiss and stare into her eyes. “Good?”

She wiggles under me and I bite my lip. “Give me a second to adjust,” she whispers. “Angus is the perfect name for you. You’re hung like a bull.”

“Jesus Christ.” I burst out laughing, the movement helping me slide in even more. She moans and arches her back, shoving her tits in my face. I capture one nipple between my lips, sucking hard. My cock slides in a few more inches and her walls tighten around me.

I squeeze my eyes shut, no longer laughing. No, I want to savor this. I love women of all variety. Love pussy, but dammit, everything about Lilly is fucking exceptional.

I stare into her eyes again as I fall into a quick, relentless pace, grinding against her clit with each thrust. “How’s that?” I rasp.

“Fucking amazing. Harder.”

God, I love her filthy mouth.

Love that dark pink flush racing over her chest and up her neck too. “You gonna come again, Lilly? Think you have it in you?”

She plants her feet on the mattress and raises her hips. “Oh, I have it in me all right.”

Again, I laugh, slowing down my frantic thrusts, and drop my forehead to hers. “I love—fucking you.”

What the fuck did I almost say?

If she noticed, she doesn’t show it. Her head’s thrown back, eyes closed, nails digging into my shoulder. I know that look.

“That’s it, pretty girl. Come nice and hard on my dick.”

“Oh.” Her lips part and a low moan escapes. Her hips buck and she tightens all around me. I’d love to wait until I know for sure she’s finished, but that look on her face does me in.

I give a few final, brutal thrusts before joining her, the rush of orgasm blazing through me. Hotter and more intense than usual.

“Fuck.” I throw myself down next to her, my sweaty back hitting the comforter. The air instantly cools my overheated skin. She turns, draping one arm over my chest and one leg over mine. I love that she’s a cuddler. I curl an arm around her, idly playing with her hair.


she whispers.


“You mind if I take a shower?”

“Fuck no.” I smirk at her. “I’ll even join you.”

Her eyes sparkle. Looks like my firecracker’s feeling frisky again. “Good, because I didn’t get a chance to suck your cock.”

“Damn, you’re right.”

Shaking with laughter, she presses her forehead against my chest and I wrap both arms around her.

Not ready to let go.


Freshly showered and fucked, we stumble out of his bathroom and into the bedroom. At the foot of the bed, he rips the towel off me and tosses it in the direction of the door.

“Now I’m naked.”

“That’s the point.”

I reach out and rip his towel off. He holds out his arms, proudly showing off his body. “I got nothing to hide, baby.”

“Don’t I know it.” I glance at the bed. “Do you have a shirt or something?”

He struts over to the dresser and I drool over his tight ass and hard, muscled legs. After finding a pair of shorts for himself, he pulls out a T-shirt and shuts the drawer.

He holds out the shirt, but as I reach for it, he yanks his arm back. “You planning to stick around until morning at least?” His dimples flash. While his tone seems flippant, there’s something darker lurking under the question. Maybe he’s testing the waters to see how I’ll respond?

“If you want me to.” I reach for the shirt again and this time he releases it.

He flips the overhead light off and has me crawl into the bed first.

“Yeah, I want you to stay.” He settles against the pillows and tucks one arm behind his head. “Definitely don’t want you driving all the way back to Lake George in the middle of the night.”

Oh, so it’s a safety thing. I almost open my mouth to challenge him and say that, then decide not to bother. Why ruin a good thing? “You have any idea how early I’m up and driving into work just to avoid the traffic jam at the Twin Bridges?”

He turns ever-so-slightly. “You should move closer.”

Closer to him or closer to work?

“I like my place. Plus, my parents and brother are close by.”