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“Professor Sumner made that Key Inn guy, too?” Sergio looked vastly interested at this news.

“Professor Sumner from the college? He made Amaliya? He's The Summoner?” Samantha widened her eyes. “He's on the news. They are looking for him. ”

“But he's really this Summoner guy, right?” Sergio looked at Jeff. “Right?”

“Possibly. Did she say that is who killed her?” Jeff quickly wrote down a few notes in his small notebook.

“Yeah, that is what she told us. That Professor Sumner killed her and buried her in the forest. ” Amaliya's grandmother looked close to crying.

“Then it was The Summoner posing as this Professor guy,” Samantha said gripping Jeff's arm.

“And he made this Key Inn guy, too?” Sergio asked.

“Yes. Several hundred years ago,” Jeff answered.

“Dios mio,” the old woman muttered.

“He made both of them and he tends to play games with those he creates. ” Jeff wrote down a few notes quickly.

“He's a real sicko that gets off on fucking around with people's lives,” Samantha muttered angrily.

The waitress reappeared with their drinks and there was an uneasy silence as she set the cold glasses down. They all ignored her and pretended to be reading the menu. She gave them a curious look, then wandered off slowly, obviously wondering what was up with the strange foursome.

“And that is what he is doing with your cousin and Cian,” Jeff said in a low voice.

“So, The Summoner is an old vampire who killed my cousin just to have her play a game?” Sergio frowned even more deeply. “That's not right. ”

“He's an evil man and we should destroy him,” the grandmother said, and pulled a stake from her purse. It was made from the end of a broom handle and she had whittled the end to a fine point.

“Grandmama!” Sergio quickly grabbed the thing and shoved it back into her tote bag.

“Well, that would be the way to do it, right?” Samantha sipped her soda and rubbed the end of her red nose.

“Technically, yes. If we could find him,” Jeff answered.

“We know where he is!” She pulled out the map and waved it at him. “They went here. So he is right there with them! We have to go and kill him and save Cian. ”

“And Amaliya,” the grandmother said firmly.

Sergio snagged the Google map and stared at it. “Is this where they are? For real?”

“I'm certain of it. I think The Summoner called them to him. ” Jeff sighed and wished the tension headache starting in his neck would go away.


“Because if they didn't go, he'd do something even worse than what they fear right now,” Jeff answered the big man and tried to imply what he did not want to say in front of the old woman.

“Like kill us,” the grandmother said, seeing right through Jeff. “He's a real puto. ”

“Grandmama,” Sergio said in surprise.

“I don't like him. He should die. He killed my poor Amaliya. He deserves to die,” she answered him firmly.

“I totally agree with that,” Samantha said. “We should go right now. ”

“Um, no way,” Sergio pointed to the window. ”It's nighttime and I do not want to be vampire chow. “

”We wait until morning,” Jeff said sternly. He tried to look at his menu for real this time and not just as a ruse to keep the waitress away.