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“I will take care of this, of course. I take it she is staying for a short period of time?”

Cian chuckled at Roberto's emphasis on the word “short. ”

“Yes, yes. We have business to attend to. ”

Roberto slightly narrowed his eyes, then nodded. He looked down at the key card and saw the hotel name and address.

“My car is a big black Lincoln. I put a Rolling Stone air freshener on the rear view mirror. ”

The Hispanic man's gaze grew more pained, but he nodded. “I will return shortly. ” He turned on his heal and walked stiffly down the hall to the front door.

“He's a little bitch,” Amaliya muttered to Cian.

“You have no idea,” he responded.

Giving him a soft smile, she wandered away to explore the library and he watched her go. She was dangerous to him and he could feel it. Already her power was growing. She had survived a whole night without feeding. Obviously, she would be a force to reckon with as she grew older. That was the way it was with some of those who were given the dark gift. Their adaptation to their new life was almost seamless and without the struggles of some. He was glad

for her. It would make things easier. But at the same time, he knew if she was not careful, her strength of mind and power would only make The Summoner's torture of her that much more sweet.

Chapter Twelve

Amaliya felt the butterflies in her stomach turn into bloodsucking fiends. They started sucking on her insides as she walked around the library. She was not only nervous, but ravaged with hunger. How she was keeping it together was beyond her. Her feet were beginning to feel pinched in her high heels and she steadied herself by gripping the shelf of a bookcase.

Slowly turning around, she saw Cian approaching her. He was slightly shorter than her in his bare feet and she figured it was her high heels. Drawing near her, his hazel eyes seemed to warm slightly and he reached out to her slowly.

“Come feed,” he said softly. “It will make things clearer. You'll sleep deeply and tomorrow night, when you rise, we will speak again. ”

“Are you seducing me?” she asked, narrowing her eyes.

“No,” he laughed. “I'm engaged. ”

“To a human?” This surprised her.

He gave her a quick nod of his head and beckoned to her with his hand.

Reaching out, she took it and let him draw her to him. Up close, his eyes were truly mesmerizing. She wasn't sure if it was because he was a vampire or because they were large and heavily fringed with dark lashes. His hand swept her hair to one side to fully reveal her face and he looked at her with a neutral expression.

“Take what you need,” he said softly.

Feeling insanely nervous, she slid her arms around his neck and pulled him close. She could feel his heart beating with fresh blood while her own was cold and silent in her chest. His hands were gentle on her shoulders as he pressed her close.

“Drink. ”

This was far different from the other times she had fed. It felt infinitely more intimate and she felt awkward as hell. But her teeth were sharp against her tongue as she ran it over her lips and she knew she needed to feed soon or lose her mind. Placing her lips against his neck, she felt his pulse under her tongue and her eyes fluttered close. His hand pressed her firmly against him and she pushed her teeth slowly downward.

His blood came cool and salty into her mouth. She fastened her lips tight against his skin as she pushed her teeth harder into him. It was delicious, rich and everything she needed. She pulled him closer, her mouth pulling hard on his skin. She heard him give out an involuntary gasp and his arms slid around her.

Stumbling backward, they landed against the wall and Cian crushed her closer. Sucking harder and harder, she drained his blood, feeling it filling her, and spreading its delicious warming power through her limbs. Grinding her body against his, the feeding was turning into something vastly different and she could feel him harden against her stomach. She didn't want to stop for his blood was everything she had ever wanted or needed.

Pulling her from him, Cian's grip was harsh. His eyes were dilated and he was gasping. The two wounds in his strong neck were still pumping blood. She growled and strained toward him. His expression was torn, but she was determined. Her mouth found his neck again and they struggled with each other, neither unsure of what exactly was going on. All Amaliya was aware of was her great need to feed and the immense pleasure it sent rippling through her body.

Cian slid his hand into her hair and let her straddle his body as they slid slightly down the wall. Giving into the eroticism of the moment, their bodies ground together.

This is almost better than sex, she thought for a moment then felt him cup her breast and rub her hardened nipple. Okay, its better with sex, she amended.

And then she was lost to all other sensation as he guided her over his hard erection and ground up against her through her skirt. Cupping her face, he pulled her back from his neck again and kissed her deeply, his tongue licking the blood from her teeth and tongue, feeding from her. She gave herself up to him as he feverishly consumed her mouth and her fingers gripped his ass. His mouth traveled over her cheek to her neck where his tongue stroked along her renewed pulse and she slid one hand up into his hair as he swung them around and pinned her to the wall.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she gave into him completely as his teeth slid into her throat and she shuddered as the pleasure enveloped her body fully. Her mouth found the wound she had inflicted on his throat again and she began to drink once more as he drank from her.