wind mares, like to mate with the cloud stallions who live in dense clouds and seldom show themselves. They resemble veils of mist in horse form. The mating is so fast that it is usually invisible to the human eye.

Fabulous Beings Related to Birds

Arctic chattergoose, very talkative northern member of the grey goose family.

crow men, resemble crows at first sight, but they have arms as well as wings and they like to pick at human eyes.

elephant bird, extinct member of the flightless bird family.

Healing Bird of Heaven, pale blue bird resembling an albatross. It sleeps in flight, and cures many diseases if you touch its feathers.

mist-raven, a raven with grey plumage that can make itself invisible. Mist-ravens act as scouts and deliver messages in MÍMAMEIÐR.

nightingale-geese, blue-feathered geese with golden beaks. They owe their name to their wonderful song. They keep the orphaned Pegasus eggs warm in the nest.

Pelangi bird, appears only when there is a rainbow in the sky. Its feathers also shimmer in rainbow colours.

Phoenix, mythical bird that bursts into flame at the end of its life cycle and is reborn from its own ashes.

ratbird, an ancestor of Lola Greytail.

Water Creatures

fossegrim, a spirit that lives in the waterfalls of Norway and is a virtuoso performer on the fiddle. Several human violinists are said to owe their masterly playing to the teaching of a fossegrim.

Nyai Loro Kidul, Indonesian queen of the sea. Sometimes depicted as a fish, sometimes as a snake.

nymph, female water spirit with a love of dancing and music.

sea serpent, general term for many snake-like sea monsters.

Sjöra, golden-scaled water nymph only found in Swedish lakes.

water-sprite, general term for fabulous beings in human form that live under water.

Other Fabulous Beings and Mythological Creatures

climbing coyotes, a species of coyote found in the crowns of the redwood trees of north California.

cloud-hound, dog-like fabulous being with a cloud pattern on its short-haired coat that makes it invisible and able to fly. Found chiefly in Turkey and Arabia.

compass ship’s rat, see singing rat.

coral nixies, female water spirits who live in the coral reefs off the Indonesian coast.

crystal snails, snails with bodies and shells as transparent as glass, but luckily not so breakable. They are excellent window cleaners, because they like to lick dew and rain off glass and ice. They love the damp climate of Norway.

Cyclops, one-eyed giant mentioned in Greek mythology.

Draugen, undead men from Norse mythology.

duende, Spanish imp or hob.

feathered frogs, exactly what they sound like: frogs with feathers.

fern fairies, tiny fairies that, as their name suggests, are found only under fern fronds.

figlings, fabulous creatures shaped like fresh figs, mainly found in fig trees.