(who, of course, are extraordinary all the same – and probably have fabulous beings in their ancestry!)

bee-eater, a bird in the temple of Garuda.

binturong, also known as the bearcat, a beast of prey of the Viverridae (weasel) family.

hoopoe, a bird in the temple of Garuda.

Indian roller, a bird in the temple of Garuda.

peacock, bird with a loud screech, one of whom Ben and Barnabas meet in the temple of Garuda in India.


India, the second stopover for Barnabas, Hothbrodd and Lola, and the place where they meet Firedrake and Ben. Luckily they also meet Me-Rah, the chattering lory, who turns out to be a very useful member of the team.

MÍMAMEIÐR, secret conservation station for fabulous creatures in Norway. The home of Barnabas, Vita, Ben and Guinevere Greenbloom.

Pulau Bulu, the Indonesian island where Barnabas and Ben think they may find griffins.

The Rim of Heaven, the remote Himalayan valley that is the new home of the dragons.

Turkey, where Barnabas stops off during his search for griffins to pick up something very valuable.

Source: www.allfreenovel.com