“Sorry...” I croaked.

He tugged again.

“Sorry, what?”

“I'm sorry...Daddy.”


I inhaled sharply and coughed, choking on the air that was desperately trying to reach my lungs. I massaged my throat while resting against the seat, exhilaration still running rampant through my entire body. My panties were soaked again and I think I was leaking through my shorts. I needed his cock now more than ever, but I knew I had to go. He was just toying with me to teach me a lesson. I moaned.

“Can we just--?”

“No, we don't have time. You have to get back to school.” He spun me around and shoved his thumb into my mouth, imploring me to suck. I obliged.

“If you get all your work done by Wednesday, I'll come visit. How's that?”

I nodded, my lips wrapped tightly around his thumb as his other hand sought to play with the mess beneath my shorts. I would definitely need to change again.

“Good girl. Now, give me a kiss.”

He removed his thumb from my mouth and waited, smiling. He knew he had me wrapped up under his spell and I was happy to be so lost within this fantasy. It was going places I hadn't even imagined, a hot and beautiful place where I could just moan and buck all night. I pressed my lips gently into his as he wrapped his arm about my waist, pressing his still-erect cock into my wet shorts. I groaned and he laughed into my lips. Clearly he was pleased by my reaction to the simple motion. When we finished kissing, I shoved my face into his neck to inhale his cologne one more time before climbing into my car. He shut the door for me and waved, waiting for me to turn the engine and put my belt on. I carefully did these motions that were typically normal, but now felt incredibly tasking. I turned on my headlights, fixed my mirror, and forced myself to put the car into reverse so I could pull out of the driveway and head for the university.

I had a thirty-minute drive ahead of me and I wouldn't be able to masturbate until I got settled into my room, that is if my roommate was at work or out somewhere. I would have to take another shower. I could feel my juices leaking even more and trickling down my thighs as I thought about Daddy pressing my body against the car and ripping off my shorts. I sighed and rapped the steering wheel. After a moment, I turned on the radio and tried to focus on the music coming through the speakers. I needed to get a hold of myself for now. Just for now. I'll be fine. For now.

British Lit was boring me to pieces today. It was Wednesday morning and all I could think about was rushing to get my work done before Daddy came to visit. I had a feeling he'd punish me if I didn't get anything done before his arrival, so I was attempting to rush through my class without rushing time. I wore my prettiest skirt – a plaid design in pastel pink – with a white blouse and black Mary Jane's to match. I left my hair down, but planned on pulling i

t up into pig tails as soon as I got back to my room. This wasn't something I usually wore, but I just wanted to impress him and fit his fantasy. I knew he looked at school girls at home on the computer because I snooped through his history late at night, which is where I got the inspiration for my outfit. I still wasn't sure exactly how he wanted me to act while with him. I made a mental note to do research while at work later today.

As soon as the professor dismissed the class, I hopped up from my seat and sprinted towards the door with my books pressed against my chest to keep my heart from springing out of my body. My dorm was a good ten-minute walk across campus and I didn't think my thong would last through it. I was already aroused at the thought of Daddy being in my dorm room. My roommate would be out until after dinner, so I'd have the room all to myself.

And my sweet Daddy.

I tried to keep my pace steady, but I found myself panting more than usual as I crossed the road that led to my dorm. My phone buzzed in my purse. I struggled to dig through my bag while juggling my books in the other arm, but ended up dropping them all on the sidewalk.

“Shit!” I cried out.

I was beyond nervous and it was keeping me from holding myself together. I was about to lose it when a guy jogged up from my left and helped me gather the two textbooks and binder full of papers that threatened to explode. I found it similar to my loins: ready to bust.

“Thank you,” I said quickly and kept walking in the direction of my dorm.

My phone buzzed again, but this time it was in my hand. I looked at the screen.

Daddy calling…

My heart skipped a beat and I pressed the green button to answer it.


“I'm here. Where are you?”

“I'm only three minutes away. I'll be there soon.”

“Don't keep me waiting, Victoria.”

The call ended before I could respond with an apology. I was sure to meet a punishment if I took any longer than necessary. Dropping my books had added time, but if I rushed I'd surely look disheveled and unattractive. I took a deep breath and kept my pace, assuring myself that Daddy would understand. I greeted Daddy at the front of the steps where he smiled and looked me over. At least my outfit was pleasing. I slipped my key card into the door and he held it open for me. I noticed the girls in the entrance staring hard at Daddy who was wearing his Harley vest and black boots. The black t-shirt he wore hardly hid the definition of his chest and arms which caused a few double takes as we signed in and went towards the nearest staircase.

I made sure to walk a few steps ahead so he could see up my skirt. His silence was pleasing. We reached the top and headed south to my room where I unlocked the door and tossed my things on the bed. I leaned against my desk and waited. Daddy shut the door quietly and turned the deadbolt, then slowly removed his vest and hung it on the back of the door. He folded his arms across his chest as he turned to me.

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