Jamal gets up from the table and helps her with the plates, and then he looks around for another bottle of wine, needing more courage than he has suddenly. He is also not sure what to do now, and so he really feels like he needs another bottle. He drank wine only one other time in his life, and it was the cheap boxed kind. So now, even though he has not yet acquired the taste for this crimson liquid, he knows that it is probably the only alcohol that Sophie has in her house. He also won’t put her out in any way by asking for a beer.

After washing up, and watching Sophie open up the bottle, they walk over to the couch. Sophie sits first, and Jamal follows after he pours the wine. He looks at her, she looks at him, and the moment just hangs suspended, for what seems like forever. Then without warning, Jamal puts his mouth on hers and she kisses him back almost immediately. They kiss for the longest time, their lips moving over each other softly. They smolder in the soft heat, with no urgency in getting acquainted with each other’s mouths. Sophie feels the warmth spread in her chest almost as quickly.

Her glass drops to the floor suddenly and shatters, bringing her out of the moment. She looks at the floor, crimson splashes amid the broken glass that look like diamonds in the dimly lit space. Embarrassed she tries to push Jamal away, so that she can clean the mess she just made, but he resists.

He pulls her closer to him, and starts to send his tongue into her mouth. She tries to relax, but the butterflies in her stomach seem to be dancing in her mouth, and she suddenly feels like he is filling her mouth too quickly with himself. She tries to kiss him back, but can’t. So Sophie just lets him move his tongue in and around her mouth so gently that she starts to shiver. She is really shaking now, and so she places her hands on his chest and braces herself up against him as he seems to work her onto her back.

“Give me a minute,” he says suddenly, and he reaches for the side table to place his glass down. Then he returns to her, his mouth on hers immediately, and his tongue snaking into her mouth again. His hands start moving up her legs, and she cannot breathe now. Her dress is too short, and his fingers make their way up her thighs too high so that she puts her hand on his and stops his fingers just before they reach under her dress.

“Wait,” Sophia says, pulling her mouth from his, and then looking at him directly in his eyes.

Jamal keeps his hand on her thighs and looks at her. He exhales hard out of his mouth and she knows that he is probably more than a little frustrated. He wants to get up off her to allow her to breathe, but he has a problem between his legs that he is suddenly very embarrassed for her to see. She doesn’t want to see it too, having felt it against her belly but still not sure about just what she is going to be faced with when he eventually does come up.

He brings his mouth back on hers, and tries to move his hand higher up her dress. Sophie presses harder against his hand so that he knows that she doesn’t want him to touch her too far up her leg. Many questions flash across his face, in his deep dark eyes, but he doesn’t ask her any of them. He does wonder though if she is just a tease, and if she just invited him here to frustrate him. Somehow he knows that this is not the case, but Jamal really wants to have his hands on her, all over her, and the thought that this might not happen frustrates him.

Sophie adjusts herself underneath him, and moves herself up on the sofa.

He lets her move, and then he is sitting up next to her. It is too late for him to make the necessary adjustments in his pants that will hide his erection, so he doesn’t even try. He looks over to where his wine is on the side table, and then as he gets up to pick it up, steps in the broken glass, crushing it under his sneakers.

“Sorry,” he says, and he lifts his foot.

“It’s okay, it was my fault…” she says, and then she gets up and goes to get a mop and a bucket from the kitchen.

“No, don’t use that,” he mumbles, and he goes to the kitchen to get some terry towel off the counter. Jamal returns to the broken glass and picks it up carefully off the floor. “Your couch is ruined,” he says, looking to where some of the red has splashed on the base of the grey seat.

“It’s not my couch…” she says, and the both laugh, lessening the awkwardness of what just happened. Sophie is still feeling a little flushed, and Jamal really wants to explore more of her as he makes quick work of the broken glass.

After cleaning up all the glass from the floor and wiping the wine that hasn’t already soaked into the floor from it, he picks up his glass and takes a sip. Then he hands this glass to Sophie, filling it up again before she takes a huge sip. She looks flushed now, and he smiles. He wipes the sweat beads that have formed on his brow and he stands in front of her, the bottle in hand. As she takes another sip from the glass he brings the bottle to his mouth and takes a huge gulp.

“Are y

ou okay?” he asks her now, taking another huge sip from the bottle.

“I am…I’m sorry…” she says. She really feels the need to apologize for this one thing that never happened. She is obviously not ready for it, but she really wants to have his hands on her again. How though will she let him know that there is a limit to what he thinks is going to happen? She thinks though that it would be more than a little unfair to allow this to go on any further.

“Don’t be, it’s okay…” he says, although it really doesn’t look like it is okay. Sophie thinks that it is best for Jamal to leave now, but she cannot bring herself to ask him to. She takes a huge sip from the glass in her hand, and finishes the contents before holding it up for a refill.

Jamal obliges, looking a little confused. He isn’t sure if she is trying to drink herself in the mood, or if she is just using the wine as a crutch. They finish this bottle in relative silence and then Jamal walks over to the window. Then he looks out onto the street below, and tries to think his erection down.

It goes nowhere though, and he makes adjustment after adjustment in his pants. The wine is dancing through his veins now, and he knows that he should just leave before he ends up doing something that he might not like himself for in the morning. He knows that he has a huge cock, and he knows that if he feeds it to Sophie without her being fully ready for it, he will feel bad. Jamal senses that she will let him take her, for his benefit more than hers, so he tries again to hide his erection so that he can leave.

“I think I should go…” he says at last, his dick at half-mast now.

Sophie really doesn’t want him to but she knows that it is the best thing.

She does think though that if he leaves now without having had an orgasm, that the chances of him coming back again will be zero to none. But even with all the wine in her she is not ready for him, not like that. So she smiles at him and comes up to him near the window.

“Will you come again?” she asks, as she runs a finger across his lips.

“Sure, yeah, if you want me too…” Jamal says, moving her hand off his mouth because he is getting hard again.

“I want you too…” she says, and watches him walk to the door. She walks him out of the apartment and down to the front door of the building. He wants to kiss her again, but then he remembers his cock. Kissing Sophie right now won’t be a good idea.

Jamal walks out of the building, his manhood throbbing now, and he makes his way down the road to the bus stop. He wonders if he will see her in the morning at their usual 4AM spot…

Chapter Three

Jamal gets home about an hour later and goes straight to his room. He shares a three bedroom apartment with two other guys, and even though they are there, he doesn’t greet them. Both his housemates are in their rooms too, expectedly, because it is quite late. He takes off his top after kicking off his sneakers and taking off his jeans. He jumps on his bed and pulls his boxers down passed his cock and reveals a semi-hard-on.

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