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“Just do it,” she says, closing her eyes now. He feeds her more of his cock, and watches her face closely. He sees her frown, and then watches as she bites her lip. Still he doesn’t stop, going deeper into her. When he reaches the back of her pussy he knows that this is the moment of truth. He takes a deep breath, and so does she, and he pauses.

Jamal holds her hips now, and holds her firmly in place. He kisses her on the mouth, passionately, deeply. He nudges forward, going into her with determination, knowing that this is what she wants. He wants it too, and he goes at it a little harder. Her cunt resists him with everything that it is worth, but he is very determined. When her wall finally goes down he exhales into her mouth and she gasps. Jamal goes all the way into her, as far past her virginity as he can go, and then he pauses again.

“There we go… You’re a woman now,” he whispers to her, and then starts to thrust very slowly in and out of her. He uses all his experience to tend to her sensitivities, knowing that this is her first time and that despite himself, he needs to be gentle. He brings her to two beautiful orgasm before he finally senses that he cannot hold back his own eruption. He has the most intense climax that he has had in a very long time, and as the waves of this pleasure send him into convulsions, he brings her to a third. Keeping his cock inside her, he waits for his erection to dissipate before he pulls it from her slowly.

She doesn’t go running for the next two days, and he understands why. Jamal knows though, that she will soon make an appearance again. And he makes up his mind then and there, that the next time they are together it will be in his apartment. Something about her makes him really want to see her again, in his territory and on his terms. He knows that their lovemaking can be even more beautiful than it just was, and in the comfort of his own place, he is determined to make it so.

Chapter Five

Sophie walks into his apartment and she looks around too, repeating what he did the first night at her place. She knows that he will not give her a tour though, because the three-bedroom apartment where Jamal lives is shared with two other guys. They are not in tonight though, probably asked by Jamal to give him a little space. The single sofa in the living room looks a little worse for ware; the nicest thing in the space is the plasma TV.

“Can I get you something?” he asks, pulling her close to him now and kissing her neck passionately.

“I’m okay,” she says, having had half a bottle of wine before taking a cab to his apartment.

“You sure?” he asks, walking them both to the kitchen and pulling a single bottle of wine from the cupboard. She knows that this is for her benefit.

“Maybe one glass…” Sophie says, wanting him to get on with the reason she has come here.

He pours them both a glass of wine in tumblers, not a wine glass in sight, and she sips the cabernet slowly. It actually isn’t half bad and so she looks at him with an approving look. He smiles down at her, his eyes glassed over from the joint he smoked just before she got here. When he brings his mouth onto hers, she tastes the remnants of the weed on his lips and she thinks to herself that she might be in for quite a ride tonight. But at least they have made it passed third base and hit several home runs, and she is actually looking forward to this first experience as a real woman, in every sense of the word.

“Thank you…” he says to her, an almost whisper.

“For what?” she asks, sipping from her tumbler again as they walk back to the living area.

“For trusting me with you…” he says, and he p

ulls her close to him again and gives her a long, lingering embrace. Then he starts to kiss her again, and as he does, he takes her empty glass from her hand. “I think I’ll take that…” he says, and she knows that he is remembering the first night in her apartment when she broke her glass. She smiles bashfully.

“I think that’s a good idea,” she says, when he finally removes his lips from hers so that he can put the glasses down on the stand that has the TV and a PlayStation on it. Then he returns his mouth to Sophie’s and kisses her all the way to the sofa. He tries to push her down on it, but she remembers that he doesn’t live alone so that she is more than a little bit uncomfortable being out in the open like this. Jamal realizes this and turns her around so that her back is against his chest. He walks her to the furthest bedroom down the hall and walks her inside.

“Give me a moment,” he says, and leaves her alone for as long as it takes him to fetch the bottle and their glasses, then locks the bedroom door behind him. She is suddenly a little more comfortable, but not entirely relaxed, remembering what awaits her between his dark, muscular thighs. She knows him now, and she knows that she can take him, sort of. But the apprehension still lingers. Her heart beats faster in realizing she definitely needs another glass of wine. Jamal has the patience of a saint, and she knows this. She finds comfort that he will not do anything to her unless she is completely ready.

He helps her out of her dress, and then pulls her close to him. He moves her

around on the floor like he is doing a waltz, and she goes with him, even though his moves aren’t exactly ballroom. Then he lifts her off the floor and she squeezes the glass in her hands a little tighter, not wanting to appear clumsy to him tonight. Jamal made her a woman, and she is determined to let him enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Jamal carries her to the bed and puts her down on it. He watches her as she sips her wine, taking off his own clothes. They come off quickly too, and soon enough he is standing there in nothing but his boxers. As he gets on the bed he slips the shorts off his long ebony colored legs and comes up close to her. He holds her face, her cheeks flushed with crimson, up to his so that she doesn’t look down at his cock. She will become nervous again, and the apprehension will delay his entry into her. He remembers how tightly her pussy wrapped around his cock the last time and he really doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable in any way. Not tonight.

He moves his mouth up and down her neck as he works her bra off. And then he takes the thumb and forefinger on both hands and works her panties down her legs. Now that they are both completely naked, he knows that it won’t be long. He reminds himself to be patient with her though, and parting her legs, he settles his mouth on her clit and sucks hard. A little bit of cream escapes her pussy and he licks the outside of her punani now, taking every drop of her warm liquid into his mouth.

Sophie loves his mouth on her, and as his tongue moves inside her she wraps her legs tightly around his neck and pants a little bit too loudly. She remembers again that there is the possibility that someone might walk into the apartment now and she tries to pull his head off from between her thighs. He holds her down, and nibbles on her clit lightly, allowing her to catch her breath. Then he gets up and goes to the music system set up on a chest of drawers. As smooth jazz fills the space, a little too loudly, she knows that he has read her mind.

When he comes back onto the bed he drops his tongue into her mouth and she tastes herself on his tongue. She isn’t sure how she feels about this, but her cunt is so wet now, that she appreciates the fact that her body is playing along. She knows that he will get in easier with his monster tonight, but only if he doesn’t spend too much time lapping up her natural lubrication so that he leaves her dry. The last thing she wants is to be dry, especially not tonight.

“I’m only here for a year,” she says suddenly, not sure where this came from.

He is already between her legs, with his mouth re-exploring every sweet crevice of her, so he doesn’t answer her. Jamal really seems to enjoy the taste of her, she fleetingly thinks. Just as abruptly, thoughts of worry are quickly replaced with an unexpected wave of desire, coaxed forward by the heat of his tongue rhythmically suckling the thickness of her clit. She finds herself having had an orgasm too soon. Still panting, and then gasps, she closes her eyes, feeling a little embarrassed. He keeps his mouth on her clit, and then laps up the steady stream of cream now flowing out of her very wet pussy. When he is done he pulls his mouth away from her and comes up on top of her.

“One year is more than enough time… By the time you go back to London you will have more experience than you ever thought possible. Who knows, you might even get to experience other cock…” He speaks as though he were asking her a question and not making a statement. She searches for this question and then searches her head for an appropriate answer. Sophia knows that she should say that there will be no other cock inside her, but she also knows that this might just be a lie.

Sophia brings her mouth to his and tastes more of herself on his lips. She parts her legs and then wraps them around his broad waist. She isn’t exactly ready for him, but she needs to distract him from the question she wasn’t even sure he was asking. Jamal kisses her deeply, rubbing his erection against her clit but making no signs that he is going to go into her. He just keeps on moving the length of his shaft against her, and then he moves his waist down so that he pushes her own ass deep into the bed.

Then he pulls himself off her mouth, and uses his hands to unwrap her legs. Then he goes up on to his knees and slowly starts to turn her over. Sophie is on her stomach now and she is very anxious. She thinks he is going to try for her ass, but he doesn’t. Instead he parts her legs and slides his cock between her thighs, rubbing his hardness against her clit again. She really wants him inside her now, her cunt quivering and dripping profusely. Then he slips his head inside her, and she holds her breath. Every muscle in every part of her body is suddenly tense.

Jamal works his cock up inside her slowly, moving his fingers up and down her back. Then he places his hands on her thighs and parts her legs a little further, going a little deeper into her. He is slow, he is deliberate. Not once does he pull any part of himself out of her, enjoying the ground he is making. When he is in her as far as he will go he pauses, moving his hands up and down on her back again.

When he starts thrusting into her she feels like she is going to lose her mind. His lengthy thickness moves all the way up inside her and all the way out. Then again he is moving himself into her, filling her completely. When he pulls out again she is sure that some of her cunt goes with him. Over and over again he rams himself inside her, and she pulls his arms around so that her head rests on his massive forearms. Sophie bites into his skin and he just keeps on thrusting. She is sure too that she has had another orgasm minutes after he started thrusting but she knows that he is yet to cum.