“Are you good?” he asks her, as he drives himself all the way up inside her again. She wants to answer him but she cannot. As he fills her ravenously with his cock, she returns each painfully pleasurable stroke with a reciprocating arch of her ass, meeting his stroke. He is pummeling her pussy now, and she bites harder into his flesh. He likes it too, going deeper, harder into her. Everything about this position that makes her feel like she has officially graduated. She wants to turn and look at him but she knows that this is not necessary. He keeps on moving himself inside her, melodically teasing her as his manhood threatens to remove itself completely from her, with the beginning of each thick, erotic stroke.

Sophie has another orgasm, and she starts to think that he could fuck her forever. She would like that. She would like that a lot. She starts to think of how she could get to stay here all night, really not worried about missing her 4AM. If she misses it, he will miss it too. She has discovered the capabilities of her body now and she really wants to enjoy this journey. She knows somehow that there is no need for her to ask him if she can stay the night. She knows somehow that thi

s will be up to her.

When he finally has a massive orgasm, filling her with his hot lava, she coyly starts to think of how to coax him into teaching her the next lesson. She wants to take him in her mouth, wanting suddenly to taste his milky tide on her tongue. She has had no practice with this though, but she is comfortable enough with Jamal to give it a real try. As she begins to lick herself off his dark, slightly soft dome , she finds it incredibly erotic. Her jaw opens wider as she takes him deeper into her mouth. Her tongue dances lustfully, as she feels flushes of warmth between her thighs, as she ravenously resurrects his scepter. As she works her mouth up and down his chocolate tower, she is glad that she was such a stickler for routine. If she wasn’t, then she would not have met Jamal on her early morning jog, and she might have lost her virginity to a lesser man…


Daddy’s Lollipop

(Part 1)

By lucy lixx

Chapter 1

As I was preparing for dinner tonight, mom walked in the room and stood behind me, both of us staring into the mirror:

“Honey, you’ve grown into a beautiful woman!”

I was staring at myself in the mirror, short black dress and not too high heels, and was pleased with what I was seeing.

I felt my face blush as I turned to her: “Mom, I’m only 18. I’m not a woman yet.”

“I’m so proud of you.” – She whispered, hugging me tightly before continuing: “I really can’t wait for you to meet Michael.”

I stood there, smiling, acting all polite, for my mom’s sake. She was a great person, after all. Michael was her new boyfriend, the first one in a string of relationships she actually wanted me to meet. And, as the good daughter that I am, I fully obliged. As for me, I am 18 now and I’m not dating. Not for now, at least. My friends make jokes about my virginity, but I’m in no hurry to go and fuck someone immature and childish. I have been on a couple of dates with boys my age, but I’ve realized that: they are only boys. Given the circumstances of my upbringing, I’m far more mature than any of them, thus I’ve decided to wait for the real, mature man in my life. The type of man that is strong, reliable, secure, stable, the type of man that knows how to talk about anything and everything and that will make me weak in the knees just by looking at me. Until this man shows up, I’ve decided not to date.

It has been over two years now since my dad died. As much as it was extremely hard for both mom and I, we kept strong for the other one and we tried to move on with our lives. It was difficult for me as I was barely 16 at the time and I had no idea what was happening. It was devastating to have someone so dear taken away in a second. That being said, I’ve matured faster than my generation as I’ve seen what life can do to you. No, life is not fair, and it’s not meant to be and the sooner you embrace that, the better it will be in the long run.

After dad died, mom decided it was time to move. And we moved a lot. The first year, we were still depressed from our loss and our house was pretty quiet – I was never the angry teenager, quite the contrary really. The second year, I saw my mom was trying to move on: she started dating again. And, as much as it made me angry, I tried to understand her. After all, she was still young and full of life, she certainly deserved love in her life.

The minute we walked in the restaurant, I saw him. Tall, blonde, gorgeous, perfect smile, broad shoulders, deep blue eyes… Maybe a year or two older than me. As I stepped into the restaurant, my breath was taken away.

“Oh honey, here we are.” – I heard my mom saying, as she was walking in HIS direction. I was so confused, I thought I’d faint.

“Hi, Brian! This is Elizabeth, my daughter. Is your dad here yet?” – Mom was blabbing, nervously.

The Greek god shook his hand and turned to me. As he approached me, I felt lightheaded.

“Hi, Beth. Mind if I call you Beth?”

“You can call me anything you want to.” – I thought, but instead of speaking, I just nodded.

“So, my dad and your mom. That makes you my step-sister, right?”

I blushed and nodded again. I was confused as Brian was still holding my hand. Then, it dawned on me: a step-sister? What?

“Hold on. What do you mean your step-sister?”

He smiled: “Oh, you don’t know? They are engaged. Your mom probably didn’t want you to find out until you met us.”

Unbelievable. She goes behind my back, finds another guy and wants to marry him again? I felt angry, really angry, all those mixed feelings were slowly combusting from within and I was running out of air.

“Let’s get you out of here. You need some fresh air,” he said to me as he grabbed my shoulder, tossing a look to my mom and nodding his head toward the front of the restaurant, signaling to her that we'd be right back.

We stepped outside and as I was breathing heavily, Brian stood next to me and lighted up a cigarette. “You know; your mom is a nice person. I’m happy for them. But then again, I will be off soon so it’ll all be on you, little sis.”

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