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“Dinner…?” I couldn't seem to formulate a response.

Amused, Devon chuckled and said, “Yes, dinner. Where would you like to eat? Think about that while you're relaxing. I want you to feel like a princess.”

I clutched the dress under my arms and practically melted when the doors opened for us to step into the garage. As I walked to my car, Devon said he would meet me at my house to be picked up. I already felt like a princess holding this dress. It's elegance surpassed anything I had ever seen in my life. The drive home was filled with excited yelps and squeals, my eyes continuously turning to the dress in the passenger's seat. I would be his princess tonight. It was a fantasy come true.

Chapter Three

The material of the dress Devon had bought me felt like silk against my skin and it slipped over my thighs as we rode in the back of his car. My hands were gloved with the softest velvet, the fabric feeling even silkier against the dress as I moved my skirts about. Part of me was tempted to be flirtatious and lift the hem of the dress to reveal my sexy legs, but I didn't want to prematurely come on to the beautiful man next to me. His suit was absolutely gorgeous and complete with a rose in the breast pocket, appearing so much different than he did at work on a typical day.

As we drove uphill, a mansion came into view and the driver pulled us up in front of the steps. I didn't know this event would be at a mansion! The door opened and Devon stepped out first, turning to help me from the vehicle. I graciously accepted his hand and planted my feet firmly on the concrete, careful not to lose my footing to prevent any embarrassing accidents. The scenery inspired me to straighten my posture and hold my chin a little higher, something I hadn't done since I was a young girl. My mother had thrown me in a pageant once where my coach taught me to walk in this fashion, saying it displayed a sense of class. Seeing as I was about to be in the company of the affluent, I figured it was a good time to act like I had class even if I didn't.

We entered the mansion and traded our tickets for masquerade masks. Devon helped me tie mine and stroked my cheek, commenting how beautiful I looked this evening. The mask hid my flushed face and I took his arm as we walked through a set of satin curtains hanging in front of an entrance. I almost lost Devon's hand in the fabric and nearly panicked until the curtains finally opened up to reveal a lavish room decorated with antique furniture and classic nude portraits. Most of the furniture was occupied by bodies covered in glittering silk and mesh. Each face was covered with a mask, the identity of any individual effectively hidden.

As my eyes washed over the scene, I realized that the bodies sitting incredibly close were actually humping. Legs were intertwined with multiple body parts and hands were lodged firmly between thighs while drunken moans floated across the room. Horrified, I searched around for a door that led somewhere else, a bathroom perhaps, where I could compose myself. Devon noticed my panic and took my hand, pulling me towards one of the paintings that opened up into a lounge room. Panting, I sat in one of the lush chairs available and held my hand to my heart. It was beating heavily against the inside of my ribs, threatening to bust out of my chest.

Devon disappeared out of one door and came back through another, holding a glass of water in one hand and a pill in the other. He held them out to me, beckoning me to take it and drink. I pushed his hands away, but he insisted, assuring me that it would calm my nerves while taking away the shock. Through the mask, I studied his features. He seemed to empathize, but I really couldn't tell because the feathers of my mask were in the way. Part of me wanted to tear off the mask and leave while the other part of me wanted to ravish him here in this room. Was this what it took to earn his affection?

“I should have w

arned you, but you seemed like you would enjoy something different than the norm,” Devon explained while kneeling down next to me. “I thought perhaps you were as interested in the alternative as me.”

I met his gaze with some surprise, wondering what made me appear potentially eccentric. Was it my lack of socializing or the way I readjusted my skirt upon him entering the office? Could he hear my thoughts at night as I stroked my sopping wet peach to the image of him ramming me against a wall?

“For the past year, I have been wanting to ask you to come with me. I have worked up every bit of nerve and failed, the scent of you filling me with regret every time you leave,” Devon said while holding my chin. “I want to spoil you, ravish you, pleasure you – please, take the pill and follow me down into this beautiful, dark world. It will be worth your while.”

How had he hidden all of these things from me? My shock was overwhelming and I couldn't take it anymore. I agreed to take the pill and he placed it between his lips, leaning forward to meet mine. His tongue pushed the pill into my mouth and lingered briefly before he handed me the water to swallow. Within a few minutes, I was feeling much better and stood to follow Devon back out amidst the orgy taking place beyond the painting. I stayed close behind him as he walked about the room, greeting many of the attendees even as they were in the midst of sex. I nodded politely when he motioned towards me and tried to keep a sweet smile on my face. Hopefully, no one had witnessed my embarrassing retreat behind the painting.

Suddenly, I felt quite faint and grabbed Devon's coat pocket before tumbling forward. He caught my limp body in his arms and chuckled lightly, mentioning to the man standing next to him that this was my first taste of delight. The charming man leaned over to say something clever and kissed my hand that was completely void of muscle control. I hoped I wouldn't pee on myself. As Devon took me through another hall, I listened to the low hum of moans and bays that echoed from each room, the joyful rise of voices filling me with glee and causing me to smile. Devon laid me out on a plush bed and began to lay kisses upon my neck that tingled and reverberated throughout my body.

It was absolutely delightful.

As his fingers dove beneath the fabric of my dress, I lent myself over to him completely. My body was twitching all over and the electrical pulses that typically warned my brain of danger were slowly firing between cells, slowing down as the pill broke down further in my belly amidst the delicious dinner we had just had. My head lulled on the pillow and Devon shushed me, saying it was going to be okay.

“I know you've always wanted this,” he whispered, the sound of his voice seeming incredibly far away.

“I've wanted this for so long,” I gasped as his fingers slid underneath the lace panties.

Devon's curious fingers found a delicate fold and pushed beneath, the lips already soaked with anticipation and creating a slippery surface for him to slide over. Alarmed at his tender touch, I gasped and leaned further into the lush pillow beneath my head. The hem of my dress was pulled all the way up and my breasts were exposed to the chilly air of the room, nipples standing erect as soon as they were revealed. Warmth met my sensitive peach and I gasped, looking down to find Devon's lips firmly engaged in sucking the lips and clit all at once. His tongue unfurled and began to lap at my aroused skin, blood rushing to my vulva and causing the pink skin to flush red.

More curious fingers found their way inside the secret hole that had begged for him to prod for so long. The plush tongue smoothed over the exposed nerves, lapping fervidly in order to elicit more than mere moans from my mouth. I watched as his two fingers slid beneath his tongue, pushing deep inside me as the pressure within my pelvis grew. My hips were rolling uncontrollably, forcing my aching lips into his mouth as he licked. I was aching to be released from the prison of my desire, having dreamed of this moment for the past year with feverish passion. I could feel the tingle blossom and begin to radiate outwards, meeting every corner of my body with bliss. My eyes rolled back and I squealed, grinding my peach hard into his lips that devoured the entirety of my exposed skin.

Moments later, I was panting beneath the heat of his kisses that he planted on every inch of my body, his hands smoothing over my soft skin in an effort to bring me back to the moment. Apparently, I had fallen asleep briefly, a side effect of the drug I had taken. I wasn't sure exactly what it was called, but it had made me feel absolutely amazing and I was ready to go again. Devon lifted my lolling head and told me the party was over, that he needed to take me home to rest. Disappointed, I whined that I hadn't had a chance to please him and he chuckled in response.

“Tomorrow morning, my dear, you may do just that,” he teased.

Before I could say anything else, he was carrying me back out through the main area that was now empty and loading me into the back of his car. The ride home was a bit of a blur, my vision going in and out as consciousness decided to leave me. We pulled up in front of a lavish set of condos that appeared well kept and I assumed it was where he lived. Upstairs, he laid me out into his bed and wrapped me in the finest cotton sheets I had ever felt. It wasn't long before I was soothed to sleep by the stroke of his hand against my head.

Chapter Four

The next morning, I woke up gently to the sound of a violin and stretched out over the fluffy cotton sheets. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times, trying to take in my surroundings. I realized it wasn't my house. Sitting up quickly, I looked about in a daze until the memories of the previous night came flooding back to me.

I had taken a pill and had sex with Devon.

He had taken me home.

This was his bed.

The little girl deep down started squealing excitedly and I couldn't help but smile. The violin abruptly stopped playing and I heard shuffling. Immediately, I laid back down and spread my hair out to appear attractive, hoping my face looked relaxed and angelic amidst the sheets.