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“You’ll tease and tease, but you’d never cross the line.” One of his arms is still behind me on the couch, but he twists his body to face me and holds his hand just over my bare upper chest. Not close enough to touch, but the promise is right there. “A good girl never makes the first move, does she?”

No. Never. I can’t catch my breath. “No.”

“Tell me to stop.” His lips touch my neck as his hand descends to cup one breast. The shock of contact has me gasping. There’s nothing tentative about his touch. He zeroes in on the spot where my neck meets my shoulder, setting his teeth against my skin even as he circles my nipple with his thumb. “Tell me to, and I will.”

Somehow, my hands find his hair, longer than Brad’s and a few shades darker. I whimper as he nips my neck again. “We can’t do this.”

“You’re right.” His hand moves to the center of my chest and trails down, parting the towel as he does. “You’re my son’s girlfriend. It would be fucking unforgivable if I pushed two fingers into that pretty pussy of yours and made you cum.”

I part my legs. “I’m not a cheater.”

“Of course not. You’re just a good girl who’s been deprived too long.” He doesn’t hesitate in his descent, fingers skating over my belly button and down to my pussy. He traces a single finger up my slit. “I’m not going to fuck you, Neveah.” The barest pressure on my clit. “I’m not even going to kiss you.”

My breasts heave with each gasping inhale, and I can’t stop shaking. “Then what are you going to do?”

“Just make you feel good.” He moves up to my ear and nips my earlobe, making me jolt. “Consider it… My duty. Since you’re enjoying my hospitality.”

I lean back, resting my head on his arm. “Don’t you think Brad will care about how you show hospitality?”

Mr. Jones looks down at me, holding my gaze as he parts my folds with his thumb and forefinger. The intensity is too much, but I can’t look away. I don’t want to. His gaze drops to my lips and then down my naked body to where he’s playing with my pussy. “Tell me to stop,” he repeats.

I’m so turned on, I’m not sure my legs would hold me if I tried to leave this office right now. “You really want nothing in return?”

His lips curve, victory lighting up his eyes. “Let me make you feel good, baby girl.”

Baby girl.

The endearment feels so dirty, especially when he pushes two blunt fingers into me. I gasp and spread my legs wider and arch, leaning hard against his arm. “Oh god.”

“That’s right. Lean on me. Let me take care of you.” He kisses the front of my throat. “You’re not doing anything, are you, Neveah? You’re just minding your own business here in my office, tits out and legs spread. You’re just a good girl in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

I wrap one hand around his wrist even as I lift my hips to take his fingers deeper. “More.”

Mr. Jones chuckles against my skin and gives me what I demand. A third finger joins the other two, stretching me almost uncomfortably. It’s good. So good. But not enough. I start to reach down to touch my clit, but Mr. Jones moves first. He withdraws his fingers and grabs my hip, pulling me onto my side facing him. “Ah ah. Host duties, Neveah. We can’t have anyone saying I don’t take care of my guests.” He grabs one of my knees and pulls it up to hook around his waist. “Better.”

“But—” I gasp as he spears me with three fingers from behind. He uses his free hand to toy with my clit from the front. “Oh fuck.” I don’t make a conscious decision to start riding his hand. It’s as if my brain blips and my body takes over.

I grip his shoulders as I move, and he leans back enough to watch my face. “You’re so wet, baby girl.”

“Yes.” I moan and then clamp my lips together. I don’t think anyone would hear us, but… “Is the door locked?”

He finds my G-spot and strokes his fingertips against it. “Now, Neveah. Why would I have my son’s girlfriend up here in my office behind a locked door? It would look like we have something to hide.” He hoists me higher and sucks one of my nipples into his mouth, pulling hard and then moving to set his teeth against the underside of my breast. “You’re a good girl, remember? Good girls don’t need locked doors.”

Someone could walk in.

Brad could walk in.

The scene he’d see… Me naked and writhing, his father’s hands in my pussy and on my clit. His father’s mouth all of my breasts.