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“What—” she started coughing and moaned, as her whole body ached—“what happened?”

“He’s the one who found Noah, but the police are holding him and his friends for questioning.”

“Why? What are they questioning him for if he saved Noah?”

“From what Blake said, the police are just trying to sort everything out, and he should be released soon.”

“Where’s Blake? Is he with him?” Dani asked.

“Not anymore. They released him, but Tyler was armed and coming down the stairs with Noah in his arms when that woman started making all kinds of accusations. Blake said they arrested him at first, thinking he was the kidnapper—”

“He did not kidnap Noah!” she cried.

“No, but from what an Officer Dalton told us, it shouldn’t take them much longer to release Tyler.” Her father’s lips pinched into a grim line. “Although, Blake told me that the little weasel, Angel, is claiming Tyler threatened to torture him after breaking into his house. Tyler’s friends are saying all they did was talk to him.”

Dani stared at her parents, shock rolling through her. Tyler had gone on a full-on rescue mission to get Noah back. Noah was safe because of Tyler.

Suddenly, Dani was laughing and crying at the same time.

“Danielle, are you all right?” her mom asked.

She nodded wordlessly, trying to catch her breath to speak. “I just . . . I love him so much.”

Her mom seemed at a loss, while her dad just stood up and said, “I’m gonna get some coffee.”

“Dad, can you stop by and ask Megan to find out if Tyler’s parents know where he is?”

“Sure, sweetheart.”

Dani started to scoot forward, ignoring the pain. She needed to get out of there and see Noah. To help Tyler.

“Wait, what are you doing? The doctor said you needed to rest.”

“I am going to see my son, and then I am going to find a way to get Tyler released.”

“Danielle, you get back in that bed right—”

“Mom!” Dani tried to stand, but she ended up gripping the side of the bed when the world tilted. “I am leaving this room, even if I have to crawl out of here. So, are you going to help me or not?”

Her mom huffed at her. “I’ll go get a wheelchair.”

“Thank you.” Dani sat back down on the bed, taking a painful breath. Once she held her baby and knew he was going to fine, she could work on getting to Tyler.

TYLER SAT IN the holding cell, staring straight ahead. It was nearly seven in the morning, and he had already been interviewed twice. He’d called his parents first, then the hospital to check on Noah and Dani. Her father had told Tyler they were both fine, but Tyler couldn’t wait to find out for himself.

He wondered if Dani was awake yet and if she knew where he was.

If they did believe Angel, he could be looking at obstruction and maybe even assault with a deadly weapon, though he hadn’t hurt the little turd. His friends had all been released already, but he was the last one. He’d told the felony assaults detective everything, except the threat of torture, and explained that all he needed the detective to do was talk to Dani.

Tyler couldn’t regret his current situation. If he had to do it over, he wasn’t sure he’d change anything. Even if the cops had traced the kidnapping to Camila, Angel might never have told the cops where his mother was, and if he had, it might have been too late. Camila would have been gone with Noah, and Dani would have been devastated.

Tyler would have been devastated.

Noah was safe, and he couldn’t regret that. Even if it meant he lost everything, it was worth it.

“Tyler Best,” an officer called from the edge of the cage. “Stand up. The rest of you, turn and face the wall.”

Tyler got up and went over to the cell door. As the officer let him out, he asked, “What’s going on?”

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