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“It’s probably a better idea. My apartment is on the small side, and I may be a schoolteacher, but I don’t bring all the fun stuff home with me.” Jace is in his booster seat, wiggling around, doing a happy dance that he got his way. Boy is smooth when it comes to helping his old man out.

“What, you don’t want your place to look like a school?” I joke with her.

“Not particularly. Then where would I sleep?” The blush that takes over her cheeks, fuck yeah, I know exactly where her train of thought is going. Mine is right there along with it.

“That would be a problem.” I’d curse my broken collarbone, except for the fact that it’s the reason it got me off my ass to go after the woman who’s sitting beside me.

“Well, she could just sleep over at our house. Uncle Asa says adults have sleepover parties, too.”

“Oh dear, I think that subject is all on you.” Alana leaves me in the dust. Seeing as how we just pulled up to her apartment, I park next to her vehicle, and she’s already out of the truck, laughing while she runs up the steps.

“Bud, what do you say we ignore some of the stuff Uncle Asa tells you?” I’m seriously going to shove a two-by-four up my brother’s ass, and that’ll be happening tomorrow.

“But, Dad, wouldn’t it be fun to have one? I mean, Nana did yell at Uncle Asa when he rolled out of bed with nothing but a sheet wrapped around him that one time we stopped by unexpectedly.” fuck me sideways, this conversation is never going to end.

“Alright, well, how about you tell me which flavors you’re going to ask for instead?” Maybe this redirection will work for me like it did for Alana.

“Oh, definitely vanilla. Maybe mint chocolate chip, too, or maybe cookies and cream, or what do you think?” Thankfully, it worked. I keep him talking until Alana returns with everything. I hop out of the truck help her, and then we’re heading back to my place. Maybe, just maybe, we wore Jace out enough to take a nap and I can steal a kiss or two from Alana. Shit, do I like the thought of that.



“It’s about time I got a moment with you alone.” Keller walks up behind me, wraps his arms around my middle, and pulls me into his chest. After we came back to Keller and Jace’s house, the two of them went outside while I got the ice cream machine set up, my eyes moving from what I was doing to looking out back, to Keller pushing Jace on his swing with his good arm. It’s one of those saucer-like swings that he has hanging from a tree, and even I can admit that it looks like a lot of fun to spin on. You would think after a day at the park, a full meal, and lots of talking, Jace would be worn out. I knew better than that, though. He’s always ready for the next adventure even at school. When it’s quiet time, Jace can hardly sit still, and the only way I can get him to relax is by reading while the other kids take the short nap we allow them through kindergarten.

“If I ever wondered where Jace got his energy from, I don’t anymore,” I tell him while spinning around, one hand going to the nape of his uninjured side while the other goes to his chest, and look up at him.

“Yeah, but now, I’m going to kiss you. That okay with you, gorgeous?” I love that he’s asking, making sure I’m ready for what he wants.

“I wish you’d hurry up.” Keller doesn’t disappoint. Our lips meet, softness surrounding mine. It’s a small kiss, and when he starts to pull away, a keening noise escaping from me stops him.

“You want more, Lana?” Keller asks a breath away from my lips.

“Yes.” This time, it’s me who moves into him, tipping my head up higher, body pressing into his. I know this won’t go further, not just because Jace is in the house. We’re not there yet. Not after only a week of talking and spending one day together. I want to make sure Keller is in it for the long haul.

“Going to give that to you now.” He meets me, match for match, press for press, hands digging into my hips, searing me in all the best ways when his tongue sweeps across my lips, gaining entrances on a breathless moan. Our tongues collide. There’s no other word for it, both of us so needy for one another, the type of make-out session you’d have when as a teenager is exactly what we’re doing right now. I’m so caught up in the moment that when Keller pulls away, I’m lost in a lust-induced fog.

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