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‘Chris doesn’t want to have weddings regularly then?’

‘No. He’s worried about all the people coming and going, but the barn you’re using is right down at the bottom field. There’d be no extra footfall or cars coming up this way.’ Freya shrugged as she tugged a large metal gate open and stepped back, letting Jessie through first. ‘Be warned, the moment they realise we’re coming, you’re likely to have a crowd of sheep around you.’

Just as Freya had warned, as soon as she stepped inside the small courtyard area between the two large barns, at least five sheep bounded out of one of the barns, quickly surrounding her. ‘Can I stroke them?’

‘There’s nothing they love more than a fuss. Besides a Rich Tea biscuit or two.’ Freya laughed as she knelt and hugged one of the liveliest sheep.

‘Aw, they’re lovely.’ Jessie stroked the nose of one of them, who immediately nudged her hand for more fussing. ‘They’re like dogs.’

‘Ha-ha. Yes! There’re even a couple of them who come when they’re called. They’re just such gentle creatures. This little one here is only seven months old. He’s a Christmas baby.’

‘Oh, he’s lovely.’ Bending down, Jessie fussed over the lamb, careful to keep her balance. ‘They all are.’

‘They really are. You can understand why Chris would rather spend his days surrounded by this lot rather than mixing with people, can’t you?’

Jessie nodded. Yes, she could.

‘So, this is Buttercup Barn, where most of the sheep live. Over here, in Hawthorne Barn, the ones who need that extra bit of care and attention live. The ones who are elderly or would struggle to keep up with the youngsters in Buttercup Barn.’ Standing up, Freya led the way towards Hawthorne Barn and leaned over the metal gate waiting for a couple of the older sheep to come towards her for a fuss.

‘They’re kept separate then?’

‘Yes, that’s right. There’re some characters in here just as there are in the other barn.’ Freya grinned before turning back round. ‘Do you want to meet the pigs?’

‘Yes, please!’

Chapter Thirteen

‘...and we can hang tullefrom the beams over here and here.’ Holding the pale purple and cream tulle, Wendy pointed to the beams to the side of her.

‘Oh, it’s going to look amazing.’ Spinning around, Claire clasped her hands together. ‘I can actually picture what it’s going to look like.’

‘I’m glad one of us can.’ Callum rubbed Dottie’s back.

‘Can’t you?’

‘Nope.’ Frowning, he shook his head. ‘I mean, I hear everything you’re saying, but I just can’t picture it. I can’t even work out how we’re going to fit the dancefloor in as well as all the tables and chairs we need.’

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