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“You like her, Peyton?” I ask, glancing over her face.

She looks at me like I’m dense, and she’s probably right. “What’s not to like?”

“We have a past,” I say.

“Londyn said the same thing to me, and I’ll give you the same answer I gave her. Everyone deserves a second chance.” She pokes me again, harder this time. “You two need to talk.”

“You’re right, we do,” I say, my heart wide-open and defenseless, as love swirls around inside me.

“I’m in love with her Soft Wear idea,” she says. “It’s brilliant.”

I put my finger over my lips. “Shh, it’s a secret until the big launch.”

“Well, I’ll be your first customer, you know that.”

“You’d better get going,” I say as the line thins.

She goes up on her toes and throws her arms around me. “Love you, bro.”

“Love you, too, kiddo.”

She arches a brow. “See that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“What wasn’t?”

“Telling me you loved me.”

I frown at her. “I always tell you I love you.”

“Yeah, now you need to tell someone else.”

“Did I ever tell you that my life is not your business, and you’re too nosy for your own good?”

Her head rears back and she plants one hand on her hip. “Now, if that’s not calling the kettle black.”

“You’re my kid sister, and protecting you is what big brothers do, and do not roll your eyes at me.”

She laughs. “Okay, fine. But I still need you to set me up with someone from Penn Pals.” She scrunches her face. “I can’t believe I have to be married for this job. Just make sure he knows the deal. I’m not looking for anything more than pretend. You and Londyn work, but marriage isn’t in the cards for me.”

My mouth tightens, not sure whether that makes me happy or sad. While I hate the idea of a guy near her, or hurting her—yes, I get it I’m far too overprotective—I want her to find happiness. I’m just not sure any guy will be good enough for her though.

“I’ll set it up and make sure the rules are clear.”

“Thanks.” She glances over her shoulder, and picks up her carry-on bag. “Okay, I have to run. Talk soon.”

I stand outside of security until she clears and she gives me a wave before she disappears up the escalator. With a new lightness in my step, I head outside, jump in my car and drive back home.


I never really considered my villa in Cannes home. With Londyn there, leaving her mark on the place, and in my bed, it feels more like home and hearth than any other place I’ve ever lived. I can work anywhere, heck I can fly back to New York anytime I need to, and with my businesses being online, I can log in from anywhere in the world. Londyn said she’d love to live here...


Okay, I’m getting far too ahead of myself. Here I am making plans and we’ve yet to even have a conversation about our future. Sure, we’ve been having fun sexually and not once have I told her I wanted more. In fact, right from the start I told her I couldn’t give her more. I wouldn’t give her more. She agreed. Which means, I might be jumping to conclusions. Yeah, I realize her father would likely disown her if she goes against his wishes. I’m just hoping over the last couple weeks, her eyes were opened, and she can see that she doesn’t need him or his approval to succeed.

I drive through the downtown core, quiet now as everyone is home enjoying the holidays with their family. I meander through the port area, and do a double glance when I think I spot Londyn. I wanted her to come to the airport with us, but she insisted we go alone to spend our last few minutes together, and that she needed to go for a walk to work off all the food we’ve been eating. I drive a little closer, and see that she’s talking to some elderly gentleman. That’s just like her, always so open and friendly to everyone. I’m driving past them and I’m about to head home when I turn back. Maybe Londyn would like me to join her on the walk or perhaps offer a ride home, as it’s rather cold outside.

I cruise back to the port, and I’m about to pull into a parking spot, until I see who she’s with. My heart jumps into my throat, and my vision goes a bit fuzzy around the edges. Okay, I must be hallucinating, because no way would Randolph Harding be here in Cannes, on the street talking to Londyn. She told him she was in Florida. Why would he be here unless...

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