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“Yes, yes, yes,” she cries in my mind, bouncing up and down, doing it enthusiastically because she knows where this leads.

She knows it’s about more than our bodies.

But our bodies feel so damn good.

In the fantasy – as my hand pumps quicker up and down my slick huge, throbbing dick, my balls swelling, the tip of my engorged helm tingling with how close I am – I lean down and take one of Danni’s nipples in my mouth.

I suck it possessively until I can feel her excitement, making her shiver, driving her closer and closer to the end.

With a grunt, my seed erupts from the end of my cock.

But in the temptation of the fiction, I’m exploding deep into her soaked and begging pussy. My seed is firing through her, into her core, the only place it belongs.

Opening my eyes, I stare at the cum-splattered sink, much sadder than the fantasy.

That was a mistake, I tell myself.

I’ll never do it again. I can’t let myself think of my daughter’s best friend like that.

But even as I clean up the mess, my manhood starts twitching again, my need flowing as my mind returns to her.

I know I’ll never be able to let her go.

And that’s a problem.



I wanted to hold Shelby in my lap as Dominic drove us into the city to the shelter, but he had dog seat belts clipped to Shelby’s harness.

It warms me and makes my chest feel physically heated as I watch him settle Shelby into his seat.

I wanted to hold him to use him as a shield, a way to create some space between Dominic and me.

He climbs into the car, seeming even bigger when he’s this close, his scent even manlier. It’s like it’s calling to this deep-rooted part of me, way beyond a crush, singing to my primal need.

“You don’t need to be nervous,” he says, starting the car. “I already saw how great you are with dogs.”

“Do I seem nervous?” I ask.

He smirks, glancing at me briefly. His eyes make me think of that cliché, getting lost in them, and I finally realize it’s a cliché for a reason. I could stare at him for hours, his attention wrapping around me, hugging me, letting me know I never have to worry.

We have each other.

“A little,” he says.

Maybe you’re not as good at reading me as you think, I almost say, wondering if I could inject some sassiness into my tone.

“A little sounds about right,” I mutter instead.

It was easier in the kitchen with the bar separating us. But now he’s so close, and he could reach over and lay his hand on my leg. He could slide it up, pressing down on the throbbing between my thighs, rubbing at my sensitive clit.

“This pussy belongs to me,” I imagine him saying, voice huskier than usual. “Nobody else, Danni. Ever. Just me. Understand?”

“Yes, yes,” I’d moan, my hand on his wrist, moving in time with his pleasurable motions, adding to them.

“You’ll be fine,” he says, bringing me back to the present…

To real life, where that will never happen.

And, worse than that, we’d be monsters if it did happen.

We’d be betraying Lizzy in the worst way possible.

“So what will I be doing?” I ask.

Lizzy asked the same question in the house, but I never got an answer.

“I’ll hand you off to one of our supervisors, Candace. She’ll find plenty for you to do.”

“Oh,” I murmur, then regret it instantly.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful. Or like I have a special reason for wanting to work with Dominic specifically.

“She knows what she’s doing. She’s been with the shelter for years.”

“I’m eager to learn,” I say quickly. “And really, thank you for this chance.”

He smirks over at me briefly as we glide down the quiet suburban street toward the bridge that will lead us to the city.

“You don’t have to keep thanking me. And remember, I will fire you.”

“You sound like you’d enjoy it,” I say before I have a chance to think.

Again, I wonder, is this what flirting feels like? Or am I reading too much into it?

“I want you to do well,” he replies. “I know you will.”

“Why?” I ask, even as my body shimmers with the compliment.

“I saw you with Shelby. I remember what you said over coffee. That’s enough for me.”

“Well, I’ll say what I said before, then. I hope I don’t disappoint you.”

We stop at a red light, and he turns to me.

He stares at me with far more weight than before…with far more intensity since Lizzy was there. It’s like he’s mentally undressing me or wants to marry me. He wants to….

I need to stop this now. I’m projecting so much.

“You won’t,” he says fiercely, and then we drive on.

I have to remind myself he’s talking about the dog shelter, rehoming the dogs from the puppy farm.

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