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“Wow,” Molly whispers as we stand on the rocks, staring at it in awe. “It’s gorgeous.”

Gorgeous is an understatement. It just might be the most stunning place on the planet. A perfect little white sand beach is tucked on the other side, surrounded by a high rocky cliff. The water is crystal clear; a shade of turquoise only available in the best spots nature has to offer.

A large palm tree sits atop one of the high rocks and it casts a perfect shadow across the water like an artist designed it to be the perfect paradise.

And it’s all ours…

“I have no words,” Molly says as we stare at our own private oasis.

For the first time, I’m thankful this island is deserted. If humanity knew about this place, it would be teeming with tourists. That little beach would be crowded with beach chairs and sunburned tourists drinking slushy drinks and stuffing cigarette butts into the pristine white sand. They would soil its natural beauty. It’s nice to keep some things pure and untouched.

“We got to go swimming,” Molly says with a big smile on her face.

I grin as I watch her hurry down the path between the rocks, knowing that suit jacket is about to come off. I’m going to get another glimpse of her sweet supple body in only her bra and panties, maybe even in less.

She gets to the edge of the water and dips her toes in. “It’s so warm,” she says with a big radiant smile as she looks at me over her shoulder.

Just the slightest smile from her—the most subtle curl of her lips—can pull out the strongest reaction from me. My heart beats harder, faster, my pulse races. I can feel a hyper-awareness in every inch of my body.

This is what it feels like to be in love.

This is what all of those songs and movies were crowing on about—this magical feeling permeating every cell in my body.

I can’t help but think as I watch this girl walking along the rocks and looking around in wonder that this is what my life has been leading to. What all of my experiences have been cumulating to—being here with this angelic goddess in our own natural paradise.

We’re all alone out here. Living in nature the way humans were meant to live.

No distractions. No constant bombardments stealing our attention and traumatizing our souls with one horrible news article after another. It’s silent out here. Magical. It’s just the calming sound of the breeze in the palm trees, the gentle lap of the water onto the shore, the lovely songs of the tropical birds, and her…

My goddess. How can I ever get bored out here with her on the island?

We’re Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We’re in paradise.

And as she begins to slowly peel off my suit jacket, about to reveal her beautiful body underneath, I know in my soul there’s no place I’d rather be.

“No peeking,” she says as she turns back with blushing cheeks. She stopped lowering the jacket, so only her shoulders are visible.

“You’ve been looking at me in my underwear this whole time.”

Those sexy brown eyes slide down my body. “It’s your choice to get half-naked. You have your clothes here. You made me take my dress off in the ocean, remember?”

I chuckle as I shake my head. “So much to unpack there. First of all, I can’t wear a suit on a tropical island. It’s hot as fuck out here.”

“I’m wearing the suit!”

“I’ve noticed,” I say, wishing for the millionth time that I left that damn jacket on the plane. “And the reason why I suggested you take your dress off was because it was drowning you. Did you forget about that part?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she says with a grin as she dips her toe in again.

She turns back to the water, finding the sliver of paradise too irresistible to pass up, even if it means showing me her sweet little ass.

With one move of her arms, she lets my jacket slip off her body and drop to the rocky ground.

I swallow hard as my ravenous eyes take in the stunning view. She’s so perfect. I can’t even breathe…

Her wavy brown hair is tucked over her left shoulder showing me the enticing curve of her back. I can picture it curved like that as I grip her hips and thrust into her tight little heat from behind.

I fight back a moan as my eyes roam over her bra strap and continue down to her ass. Fuck, that ass… It’s so tempting… I just want to go down there, drop to my knees behind her, and worship her soft wet pussy with my mouth, devouring it until she cums all over me in a fit of screams and moans.

A taste of her warm sticky nectar is the only thing I’m craving. Fuck everything else in the world—freshly baked bread, chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven, ice cream, beer—I don’t need any of them if I can have a taste of her sweetness every day. I don’t need anything else. I won’t have any other cravings if I have that sweet cunt to satisfy my hungry tongue.

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