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I couldn’t resist kissing her once more. She fell into it, taking her lips back after several long, sensual seconds.

“And you’re going to have to learn a little patience,” she said with a smile.

Chapter 20


Six weeks later…

Iwas running late, and I knew exactly why. I’d spent way too much time explaining to Haley how to take care of the girls. I’d talked her ear off, letting her know in excruciating detail the finer points of looking after twins.

I’d rambled a ton, telling her all sorts of things that there was no doubt she already knew. After all, it wasn’t like she hadn’t looked after the girls before. I couldn’t help it, I’d been so excited about my date with Alex that I could hardly think straight.

A date. I couldn’t believe I was going on one. Alex and I had seen each other more than a few times over the last month and a half since he’d come back into my life. A lunch here, a dinner there, most of them ending with a hot make out session.

Today was different, however. After all, it was the first day we’d be seeing each other since my regular OB/GYN had given me the all clear for certain activities that I’d been instructed to avoid after birth. I smiled as I thought of the red lingerie I had on under my dress, a set I’d bought just for our date.

The trees towered overhead as I drove down the winding road toward Alex’s place, the slivered moon high in the sky. As I drove, I couldn’t help but notice how remote his place was. Evergreen was hardly a metropolis, but even so he lived well outside of town, far enough that I wouldn’t have even known there was a house out there if I hadn’t had his exact address.

I pushed the thought out of my head as I drove through the woods, the forest eventually opening up into a large clearing. Situated in the center of the clearing was a gorgeous, two-story house done in classic Colorado ski-chalet style, with just a touch of modern design in the large glass walls in front. Inside, I could see a roaring fire in the big fireplace, the house putting out an inviting orange glow.

I pulled to a stop and got out. As I did, Alex stepped around one of the corners inside. He was dressed in a cream-colored cable-knit sweater and dark blue jeans, black leather boots on his feet. As I approached the door, he did the same, having it open for me by the time I arrived.

I couldn’t help but smile as I laid eyes on him.

“Evening, handsome,” I said.

He smiled right back, his face so good-looking that it almost hurt to look at.

“Welcome. Come on in.”

He greeted me with a kiss, one that lingered just long enough to make me want to turn it into something much more. He tasted so good, like whiskey and sex, and my pussy clenched as my lips stayed on his.

Luckily, Alex had the self-control to take his lips from mine, placing his hand on the small of my back and guiding me inside.

“This place is gorgeous,” I said, looking around. “I love it.”

The interior was vast, with tall ceilings that gave the house a cavernous feel in the best way possible. The furniture was a charming mixture of classic rustic and modern, with tall bookshelves along the walls of the living room. Looking out the front windows I could see the road through the woods that I’d just come in on, and through the back I spotted a bit of a drop off, the big, wooden deck allowing a sweeping view of the forest. Mellow, relaxing jazz played on the speakers, and the scent of something delicious cooking was thick in the air.

“Thanks,” he said. “The timing was right when I was looking for a new home. Something to drink?”

“Well, I fed the girls before I left and I have a bunch of pumped breastmilk in the freezer for them, so I’d really love a glass of wine. I haven’t had any in ages.”

He stepped over to me after pouring two glasses of luxurious looking red. He handed me one then tapped the rims together. “Cheers.”

“What’re we drinking to?” I asked with a smile.

“To whatever the night has in store for us.”

His words were enough to make me tingle down below. I took a sip, the wine rich and flavorful and delicious. The drink still lingering on my tongue, I glanced around his home once again.

“I love this,” I said. “But I have to admit, it’s a little… remote for me.”

He gestured toward the half-circle sectional couch that dominated the living room.

“Some people might consider living anywherein Evergreen to be remote.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that. It’s just, there’s remote and then there’sremote.”

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