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“You’ve got big hands,” I said. “They could possibly be put to good use choking the life out of some poor schlub. But these…they strike me more as healing hands. Doctor’s hands.”

“Very good guess. Or maybe not.”


He shrugged, slipping his hands from mine, and returning them to my hips. This time, he gave my curves a squeeze that made my heart skip a beat and my panties soak.

“This is an event for Pitt Medical. You could throw a pebble into the attendees here and most likely hit a doctor in the head. And then you could throw another pebble and hit a doctor who could take care of the first guy that you hit.”

I laughed. “Alright, alright – good point.”

I wasn’t at the end of my advantages, however. So what if I’d known since I was a kid that Dr. Noah was an OB/GYN? What was one little fib on top of another?

“How about if I guess what field you’re in?”

“Nowthat, I’d be impressed with.”

I placed my fingertip on my chin, glancing away. “Hmm. Well, you’re smart, that’s for sure. And you’ve got a way about you that puts women at ease. So, I’d guess…OB/GYN?”

He nodded slowly. “Very good. Have to say I’m rather impressed.”

I smiled.

“Now you know my name and my job so that’s two disadvantages you have over me. At this point, I’m thinking it’s only fair that you tell me what you do for a living.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” I asked, his hand moving along my hip in a way that made it clear he wanted more than just a dance. “I had to guess your job, after all.”

“Good point, good point.”

He opened his mouth slightly, his tongue moving between his lips as he considered the question.

“Well, you snuck into this place. That means you’re either into parties, even ones that you’re not invited to, or you’re into networking.”

He was on the right track. “Good. Which do you think it is?”

“Hm. This is a party, sure, but it’s not exactly a cut-loose type of affair. Women your age tend not to be into black-tie situations like this. So, I’m ruling that out.”

“What, you don’t think I’m the classy sort of woman who appreciates an event like this?”

He laughed. “You’re telling me you do?”

I grinned. “Fair enough. So, what’s your guess?”

Noah kept moving me to the steady rhythm of the music, his right hand traveling from my hip to the small of my back. I wanted him like crazy, and I was becoming certain that he felt the same way about me.

“You could be a gold-digger,” he said, glancing away with a thoughtful expression. “Sneaking in here to try and get your hooks into one of the wealthy and powerful men in attendance.”

“Now, that’s a cynical guess.”

“Hey, you get to be my age and you’ll find out that a little cynicism goes a long way. But…I don’t think that’s your game. The way you were zipping from person to person, making people’s acquaintances and shaking as many hands as you could – you strike me as more of a networking type.”

“Very good. You’re on the right track. But I can’t help but notice the implication that you’d had your eyes on me from across the party.”

He smirked, not even trying to hide it.

“What can I say? You caught my eye. And good thing I had been watching. Otherwise, you’d still be in the middle of trying to send that little twit off.”

“Please. He’s lucky you showed up if anything. The moment he grabbed my wrist like that he was done.”

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