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The others weren’t around, probably at lunch, so only Liv and she occupied the trailer.

“It was good.” Harper sat at her desk and opened the laptop they’d given her.

“Pfft. Good? That’s all I get?” Liv flounced over and perched herself on the edge of the desk. “C’mon, I’m nosy as fuck. Good isn’t gonna cut it. Give me details. All the details.”

Harper worried her lower lip between her teeth. Details. She wasn’t ready to talk about the favor Jinx and Curly had done for her. That was too raw. It’d be a hot minute before she processed it herself, let alone be ready to share it. Besides, it seemed like the kind of information where the fewer who knew it, the better.

“I think I might have agreed to be with him. Or date him.”

“You think?” One of Liv’s perfectly shaped eyebrows arched up.

“I don’t know.” Harper dropped her head into her hands. “I’m a mess.”

“Babe, mess is the standard around here, so you fit right in. Tell me what he said.”

“He told me he understood how hard it was for me to trust after what happened in my past. He said he didn’t expect me to trust him at this point, but he asked me to try not to fight it if it starts to happen.” She rolled her eyes. “Which, let’s face it, I think it is, and I have been fighting it like a champion boxer.”

Clapping her hands, Liv squealed. “Oh, this makes me so happy. You two are great for each other. You give him some purpose, and he brings much-needed fun and lightness into your life.”

Well, that was sweet. The idea of her and Jinx providing something the other needed sounded really good. No one wanted a one-sided relationship.

Not that this was a relationship.

Oh God. It might be heading for a relationship.

“What do you mean when you say I give him purpose?”

Liv sighed. “I love Jinx dearly, but the man skates through life without giving a crap about anything beyond the club. You give him something, someone to care about, and it’s taking him from a joking fuckboy… excuse the comparison… to a man who thinks and puts someone before himself. This version of Jinx is fantastic, and that’s because of you.”

“You think he wants more from me than sex?” Her face felt hot and was probably red as a tomato. In prison, sex talk happened all the damn time, but she’d never had anything to add to the conversation, being she’d only slept with one guy before getting locked up, and she had less than zero interest in discussing him.

“Absolutely.” Liv flicked her hair behind her shoulders. “I’ll be honest with you. Jinx has never had a problem getting women to sleep with him. I mean, look at the man. I don’t have to tell you how sexy he is. Women flock to him.”

Harper frowned. This conversation wasn’t exactly boosting her confidence.

Swatting her shoulder, Liv laughed. “None of that face, girl. What I’m trying to tell you, and apparently doing a shit job at, is that the man can get sex from any girl, anytime. He does not need to spend weeks getting to know someone as locked up as you if he wants to get laid. He wants more. Trust me.”

The irony of those last two words weren’t lost on Liv. She gave Harper a sheepish grin and shrugged.

“Can I say one more thing? Then I’ll get my ass out of your business.”

That drew a laugh from Harper. “Sure.”

“Jinx is a good man. Perfect? Hell no. Will he fuck up, probably often? Yeah, they all do. But he’s a good man. You have no reason to believe me, but he would never betray you. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to believe those words after what you’ve been through. You had so much stolen from you because of an untrustworthy man, but I promise you with everything in me…” Liv pressed her hands over her heart, “… he is a good man who would blow up the world before betraying you.”

The words were spoken with such sincerity and heart that Harper had no choice but to believe Liv truly meant them. “Thank you. That really helps settle my mind.”

“Good.” Liv slapped her hands on her thighs. “My work here is done, and I’m famished, so I’ll leave you to your thoughts and go find my man so we can grab some lunch.”

“Have fun.”

After Liv left, Harper dove into her long list of tasks, pushing all thoughts of Jinx and relationships aside. She’d have plenty of time after work to obsess, and her to-do list was a mile long. Half an hour or so passed when her phone rang, making her jump out of her skin.

Jinx’s number flashed on the screen, and her stupid heart immediately fluttered with happiness like a smitten teenager.

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